Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fat Tuesday ... Family Style!!!

Yesterday was fantastic ... it was just a big old FAT day and we had a great time. It was filled with all sorts of FEASTING, particularly:

  • Spiritual - we started off the day with a tour of the new Draper Temple. It was beautiful and it was incredible to show the kids how beautiful and special these buildings are. I was so pleased that they didn't set an age limit, we took the whole family and made it through. The Boy was so darling as he walked reverently through the rooms, and it was so fun to show the girls the dressing room for the brides. What an incredible opportunity to help the children understand the temple and it's purpose in our lives, I am so glad we went.

  • Physical - After the temple we went out for a steak lunch ... Bert and I are both trying to cut out soda and so we ordered water with our lunches. I never realized how much faster you digest with a soda to help it all go down, I was still feeling stuffed at 5 pm ... UGH! Although I usually only have soda when I eat out, I was still amazed at what a difference it makes, I am going to have to get used to this.

  • Political - We had our new president sworn into office. It was uplifting to me and I am filled with hope that our nation can COME TOGETHER and work on our problems with strength and conviction. There has been so much conflict and anger, I am hoping to see everyone accept where we are and what our problems are and stop belly-aching. Let's roll up our sleeves, support our new leadership and get to work!

  • Fun - We decided to go to a movie and ended up at "Bedtime Stories" - it gets a thumbs up from me ... but I am a fan of Adam Sandler, that helped. Anyhow, it was a very sweet, creative and funny show, great for the whole family.

  • Family togetherness - with Bert's work schedule and church responsibilities, we don't get many days like this, it was a wonderful treat to spend the entire day together and enjoy each others' company.

  • Treats - As the day was winding down, Bert was getting ready to go up to the church for the evening and realized he had committed to providing treats for the youth activity ... so that translates into Jenny baking 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies .... YUM!!! and just a fun little thing I have learned recently, if you are low on eggs (or even out), you can still bake, just substitute 1 heaping Tablespoon of Soy Flour (I keep some in my freezer) and 1 Tablespoon of water for 1 egg - it really works! I have made cookies without any eggs at all, they are a little different, but not bad at all and definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

              • Mindless Entertainment - And who couldn't close out a day like this without a little vegging just before bedtime, we took in the hour of American Idol auditions and called it a day!


              Tia Langston said...

              What a fun day! Looks like a busy but pleasant one. How long is the open house going?

              Tink said...

              Wow Jenny! What an incredible day you had. Sooo much fun and memorable. WE get to see the temple in either February or March. I can't wait! I gave up caffeine in October and have been drinking lots of water! It's amazing how water is sooo good for the skin!

              Katie said...

              Sounds like a perfect day for your family! I love these occasional miracle days when you feel like life is good!