Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I Love Wednesday - Thing 2

I love my Thing 2, and she loves me!
Bert has been able to finagle his way into the hearts of the other kids, but Thing 2 is ALL MINE!!! For whatever reason, she is a momma's girl through and through, and I'm keeping her.

This is why:

When she was 5 years old I don't think a day went by that she didn't wear these boots, I'm having them bronzed! :)

She gets all sorts of fun goodies from her Aunt Debbie, like purses and books

She is a rock!
She is stubborn and sweet and solid, she's not going to be swayed any direction other than where she wants to go!
She's also a storyteller, did you ever hear the one about the 'kunk in the 'ky?
She's a drama queen,
a little helper,
and a future mommy.
Don't ever forget to bite a round hole in the middle of her bologna, or you'll get tears ... "Bemember?"
How could I ever forget?
Thanks for bringing sunshine and light into our lives,
I wish I could use your name because it says so much about who you are!
But, we know it and that's all that matters.
I love you my darling little girl!
And, just for the record, she was the last of my children to get a "What I Love" tribute because of this entry ... I need to try and even out the playing field!


Tink said...

She IS gorgeous! What beautiful pictures you posted! I loved them all. Hey, I'm not sure where you live, but we're doing a bloggy lunch. Visit my site to find out the particulars! We'd love to have you.

Julie said...

her baby pictures are adorable. What a sweet girl, and I love that you are bronzing the cowgirl boots.

Tia Langston said...

We love her too! In fact, she looks so much like my older sister (when she was a little girl) stinkin cute! I love the pic with you (tongue out) and her.

Amber said...

Is it really possible for a child to be so SWEET?!?