Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess Bert's Cousin Giveaway!

This past summer we found out that Bert's cousin tried out for MTV's "The Read World" and made it. I don't think I ever watched more than a few episodes of the 1st Season (back when I had cable because I still lived at home). Anyhow, haven't really been a fan of the show.

But this season I will probably have to watch each and every episode, unless they start getting too weird or icky. I just gotta see how the cousin represents!!!

So, I want to see if you all can figure out which one is Bert's cousin. If you go HERE, you can watch the first episode and in a few minutes get a brief introduction into who they all are (that's all you have to watch, I promise, unless you like it and decide to keep watching). Or you can just read over the bios of the roommates HERE and take a guess that way.

I have to admit that my favorite part is that they are in NY!!! I love that city (I've only been once, but would go back in a heartbeat). So, I am excited to see some of the sights that will come with watching the show. Plus, their apartment is very hip (except for the clear glass shower stalls - no thank you).

So, check it out, if you haven't already and make your guess in the comments and the winner will receive:

a very hip,
custom made apron

that I will make on my sweet new sewing machine. I'll even let the winner pick the colors, we'll figure that out once a winner is selected. I'll let this go for a week, so you have until next Friday night. You have to be right to win, however. And if you make a guess then change your mind, delete your old one and make a new one, you can only have one guess.

Alrighty then - go check it out and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: CARRI WON - Thanks for playing!!!

fine print: Family members are not eligible since they already know who it is!!!


Karlyn said...

I LOVED the first season of The Real World! I don't think I missed an episode!!!! Ah, those were the days, however, I don't think I have seen an episode since the first season.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that his cousin is Chet. I guess it could be Baya, but...Chet, yeah, I'm going to go with Chet.

Celeste said...

I'm thinking that 'the cousin' is Baya!! Hope I'm right! :)

please contact me at:

Carri said...

Sad part is I didnt have to watch either of your links as I am addicted to this total nonsense junk TV. I have been watching since I am a kid and now the cast is all kids. I definitely think that Chet is Bert's cousin and I see someone else has already made that guess. I love reading your blog all the time and wish I could keep up a bit better.

Tia Langston said...

Ok, even though you slipped the name to me the other day...I did guess from the pic alone who the cousin is. I am amazing!!!

Twinmomwv said...

I'm going to guess Chet. I saw a clip of the new season on the Soup this past weekend and was surprised/pleased that MTV cast another Mormon.

Julie said...

Man, I am voting chet because I think he might be mormon, although I think I remember you saying Bert has a colorful family. So I am most likely wrong. But, I am sure I am right because your Blog has a lovely picture of a Chet and Thelma. If this family connection is coincidence then I am certainly wrong!

I am jealous Tia has the inside scoop! Althoug I have been envying your aprons. I hope I am right!