Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunbeam Sunday

The Boy was so handsome today, I could hardly stand it! It was his first Sunday as a Sunbeam and he did great. I sat with him for a few minutes in his new class, but quickly I realized that I was more of a distraction than a support. So, I went to the hall and watched him for a bit (with a few other mommies). He was quick to raise his hand any time a question was asked - whether he actually had an answer or not, who knows. Although one time, the music leader held up a picture of Jesus with Mary and Martha. When she asked who was in the picture, The Boy quickly chimed in that it was Jesus. And when she asked what was happening in the picture, The Boy was the only one raising his hand and she called on him. His response, "Eating" ... (now, Martha is holding a bowl in the picture, so not a bad guess in my book) ... he's such a boy.

Here are all the kiddos with their new Primary teachers, we had breakfast with them all yesterday, it should be a great year!

And then here's just a little shot of The King, so that he isn't left out!


Ryan Patterson said...

SOOO cute! Carter is a sunbeam now too! I love these cute little kiddos! And ya gotta love Primary! I love the breakfast idea-- fun!

Corinne said...

Get out of town - my son is now a sunbeam too!!

Tink said...

How Cuuuute! I love little newborn Sunbeams! I teach in Primary and can't help but glance over and see all of those cute Sunbeams. Gotta love it.