Friday, January 30, 2009

More Aprons - Sneak Peeks

I just sent off my Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap Apron today,
this is a little sneak peek:

And this is one more I am working on for a certain someone,
it's coming along and should be done by Monday:

So, no time for blogging, too much sewing!


Tabitha Blue said...

So cute! I so wish I knew how to sew. Fun, fun!!!!


Cynthia said...

I love the fabrics you chose. I've looked through the Flickr images for those swaps before and there are some great aprons there.

I have the fabrics I need to make the Emmeline apron but it's going to be for me. I do think the swapping would be fun though. I might have to try that sometime.

Tink said...

This is adorable! And I'm so glad you came to the blogger's lunch! You are such a cutie! I loved getting to know you. You are as personable in person as on your blog! I look forward to future get-togethers!

Amber said...

You're making me an apron? You shouldn't have! Really though, this is yet another talent of yours that I am SO envious of!! Seriously, is there anything that you aren't fabulous at? No, the answer is no!