Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I Love Wednesday - My Boy

My heart is just bursting today, as I looked over all these photos of my darling BOY, I just can't help but gush over how much I love this kid!!!

♥My Boy was born a day before his beloved Aunt Debbie's birthday - so, right from the start we knew he had a special place in our family.
♥He was nine and a half pounds of pure, sweet baby boy! And, surprisingly, was my easiest delivery up to that point.
♥Although we waited for the surprise of your birth to find out for sure, we knew you would be The Boy.
♥When he was born he had a little bruise coming out of his left nostril, I didn't think much about it, until it didn't go away and eventually grew into a bulbous hemangioma right on the end of his nose. It was dark and purple and big ... everyone asked me if you bonked your nose ... like I would let me 3 month old son flop his head on the floor or whatever.
♥But he wouldn't even know he had anything going on - he is completely oblivious to it and I am so glad, I love that!
♥I love that I actually rocked him to sleep every single night until he was almost three years old, and I love that he still likes to cuddle with me on the couch before going to bed.
♥I love he has always been so polite, other than "Daddy" and "Mommy", I am certain the words he has used with the most regularity are "Please" and "Thank You"!
♥I love that he prayed day and night for Buster, his second cousin experiencing some serious health problems a few months ago.
♥I love that he loves meal time ... always asking if it is time to eat, always looking for something to eat and always getting into the eggs for a little cooking of his own. (okay - maybe I don't really love that he always gets into the eggs, but it is entertaining)
♥I love how cute of a cowboy he was for his one year photos done by the very talented Amy who decided to move out of state so we are no longer able to use her services - boo hoo!

♥I love how colorful he is ... taking silly pictures with the camera, eating sprinkles off the kitchen floor, falling asleep with a car in his mouth, putting on silly glasses while we wait for hours at the doctor's office - there is never a dull moment with The Boy around.

♥And then he is just soooooo sweet. He can melt my heart with one little wink of his eye and flash of those dimples! This Boy should have been in lockdown a lot more than has actually happened, he has won me over. (Really, who could resist him?)

♥And then he gets all goofy, pulling faces, sticking things in his mouth, acting surprised and rocking out, seriously, I can never rest with this one around, but I never want to because I would miss out on something wonderful!

♥And then he is my wonderful helper, playing so well at the park, taking out the garbage, digging out pumpkin seeds and shoveling the snow (in shorts, a bathrobe, sunglasses and boots, no less!)

♥I can't even imagine what life would be like without his antics.
♥He has been my constant sidekick for 3 and a half years and I have loved every minute - even the ones where I was seemingly losing it and running around screaming ... life would have been so different without this boy to drive me crazy.
♥I wouldn't have much to blog about without him around, I would actually have to think stuff up on my own and use my imagination ... that wouldn't last long!
♥The Boy is My Boy, he is crazy, sweet, polite, animated, lively, caring and full of more energy than a million energizers together, all packed into one little body.
♥I just hope I make through!


Tia Langston said...

We love him too! And thanks for the 'play date' the other day!

Tink said...

He's adorable! What's there NOT to love? I liked the cowboy picture...that spoke to me! What a cutie-pie.

Amber said...

He is a sweetie. It's not just you thinking that because you're his mom. We all agree! My favorite is him shoveling in the bathrobe, shorts, boots & glasses, love it!

Jenn said...

Wow! That was a great post and such wonderful pictures. What a cutie!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Sounds like a well loved little they all should be! Nice of you to take time to tell him all those things, since time seems to rob us of distinct memories we swear we'll never forget.