Saturday, February 28, 2009

Woot Woot ... Check out the Loot!

Yay GNO Nickel Auction!

A few months ago the ladies in my neighborhood started a Girl's Night Out Nickel Auction - I haven't been able to attend any ... until last night!

(Thanks for babysitting Katie!!!)

What have I been missing out on???

I showed up with a box full of some maternity clothes (don't need those anymore), a few baby girl items (don't need those anymore, either), a pair of shoes I've never worn and a lia sophia necklace and earring set that I only wore a few times.

I also had about $7 in change.

I left the party with all of this:

and this hat from Guatamala:

and this little toy for The King ... he likes it!

And these little homemade cuties for me:
(they match one of my favorite shirts perfectly - YAY!)

and $5.75 still in my pocket!

This was so much fun - can't wait for the next one!

For those who might like to get one of these going in your neighborhood, here are the details:

Those attending bring whatever they want to try to sell - stuff you are going to give to goodwill, grocery items that you really aren't going to consume (yes, somebody brought some cans of tomato paste and someone else brought chocolate chips), bottles of yummy lotions or bath essentials, partially used scrapbooking supplies, books, lamps, vacuums, etc... be creative.

And since all good gatherings require good food, everyone brings a potluck dish to share.

As you arrive, you sign up for a selling slot.

This is how the selling works: You have a 10 minute time limit, you pull out the item and all bids start at 5 cents and need to be divisible by 5 ... so no 38 cent bids here. You can jump the bidding up to a dollar, you don't have to keep going up by 5, just keep it divisible by 5. The bidding can go as high as the bidders are willing to go, no limits.

Once the item is bid out, toss the item to the winning bidder and someone (working as scribe) writes down the name of the person and the price they committed to.

Then the next item starts, same process!

When that seller is all done, the scribe shouts out the totals for all the winning bidders, they put their money in a bucket of sorts that gets passed around the room (like a collection plate) and it all goes to that seller.

This is why you want to bring small change, it goes really fast if you all have nickels, dimes, quarters and a few dollars if you think you might get a little crazy! :)

Then, the next seller starts.

That's how you run it ladies - it is a super fun night and you will walk away with some "new" little treasures.

And, for those of you that live nearby, we should be having another one in about a month, let me know if you want to attend.


Briony said...

wow what a fun thing! i should get some people together to do something like this :)
you made out pretty awesome, those earrings are darling!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you came and that you got some great things! I think it was discussed that the next one will be towards the end of March. I already can't wait!

By-the-way, great job describing the whole nickel auction process. Very acurate!