Sunday, March 1, 2009

"X" Marks the Spot!

Here are just a few highlights from our weekend ... what exactly "X" marks the spot to???
Fun, silliness, food?
Sounds like us!

One success is finally capturing a shot of "Captain Huggie Face"

Way to go Thing 2!

We took a ride in Grandma's car - looks like The King enjoyed it.

I sure enjoyed the seat warmers ... ahhhhh!

I put the kids to work dusting the wood floors - they didn't seem to mind.

There were naked Cabbage Patch Dolls doing gymnastics in the girls closet.

And after church today, The Boy insisted that we all come and view his lovely "#2"

Strange kid!

The girls were not very impressed.

Thing 2 got this in Primary today (it's her birthday this week),
and we put it all together with our photos - how fun!

... and I made this salad for dinner ... fantastic!

(I found this on my new favorite site, Natalia does some
very creative things with food,
click HERE to see what she did with broccoli, rice and meatballs ...
I think ... it's all in Italian!)


Briony said...

that sky pic is super cool...and i don't think i would mind helping dust if it was that much fun.

cheraf said...

You guys always have so much fun. I need to be more creative like you. I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who want people to check out their poo! I think it's a boy thing.

Tink said...

What a fun weekend and I sooo loved the foot dusters! waaaay cute! I have to laugh at the word verification, it says "bored". Lol.