Friday, March 27, 2009

I am Officially Sick of Winter!

Sorry for the attitude, but I am not a big fan of March or April in Utah. Spring comes and goes day in and day out. Just when you think it might be here ... BAM ... another snow storm, more ice, pulling out the coats again, having to warm up the car before we head out.


So I am pulling out a few photos taken in sunnier days ... hoping these will brighten my attitude a wee little bit!

All artwork and photography is courtesy of my kids, since they are always so good at bringing sunshine into my life.

Is everyone ready to go out and hit the pavement with some chalk now?

Yeah, me neither!

But have a good weekend anyway!


Shimmy Mom said...

I'm right there with ya!
When I rule the universe....winter will last from Dec. 23 to Jan 5 and that's IT!

cheraf said...

Amen! I had such a great week - just one short week - when it was sunny. Now it's gone and we are going stir crazy again!

K said...

Every year I think the same thing. I don't love spring here at all:) We have to make the best of it though. My rule, I don't put away the winter stuff until June. Seriously.

Momza said...

first, I love your song! Walking on Sunshine is one of my all time favs!
second, thanks for your comment on my blog!
third...your post was original and fun!

Have a great weekend!

Briony said...

i'm sick of winter too...but spring is just around the corner :)

Jessica and Tim said...

Okay. I so seriously agree with you. In fact, I get the bad mom of the year award because that week that it was semi warm, I took my kids out every day to the park. Now they both have nasty runny noses because of it. Winter was definitely not intended for moms with tots and wee ones.

Deb F said...

Hate to say, but it's Indian summer in my neck of the woods! Kangaroo Island was awesome, so sunny I got a sunburn. Forgot my hat.