Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Wonderful Years ... 10 Places We've Been

It seems we were on the run the moment we got married. Right out of the reception we were on our way for our short, little Honeymoon. I was in my first year of teaching and so a long vacation wasn't in the works.
That would come just a little later on!

We found ourselves Honeymooning in the very lovely

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Then we spent the 4th of July in

2. San Diego

Our big excursion came later in July when we took off for three weeks in

3. Spain!!!

With a few days in


And a few more in

the South of France

The next summer took us (while I was 7 months pregnant) to

4. The Great Northwest

And then the kids starting coming and our excursions were a lot closer to home, like good old

5. Bear Lake

But there was that time when we left the girls with Nana and Papa had a marvelous week in

6. Hawaii

But, we made it up to the girls (and now The Boy) with a trip to

7. Disneyland

After that, we took little treks down to

8. Southern Utah

And up to

9. Idaho

to see Bert's grandpa's and great-grandpa's farms.

And, of course,


And the lovely

Sun Valley

And on two occassions we have ventured down to sunny

10. Arizona

you know, the home of the

Grand Canyon!

We have been so fortunate to be able to see some fun places. I am so grateful for the ability we have had to go to the places we've been and I look forward to all that lies ahead!


Briony said...

wow how fun!!! i love the ears :)

Andy and Kim said...

You have had some great adventures, and it looks like alot of fun! I LOVE Bear Lake!

Chanelle said...

Fun! FUn! Fun! I love trips!

Julie said...

you guys sure know how to vacation. I love that you have mixed it up with a good variety. Looks Fun!

K said...

You have been some amazing places. Someday I hope to be able to travel again:) These countdowns have been so much fun.