Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Wonderful Years ... 10 Wonderful Memories

These 10 Years have gone by so fast, I can still think of our wedding like it was yesterday. However, I must admit I am getting older and worry that the memories will be the first to go, so I am getting them down while they are still semi-fresh!

Here are 10 moments that still bring a smile to my heart or a tear to my eye whenever I look back on them:

  1. I got a real taste of some of Bert's hijinks at our wedding reception. When it was time to cut the wedding cake and serve each other a piece I wasn't sure what to expect. Bert was so sweet, he gave me a bite and just as I was starting to chew, before I could even take a breath, he was right there in my face giving me a big old slobbery kiss full of cake and icing! I knew he was too sweet to shove the cake in my face, but he still had to do something and I love that. He still loves to sneak in big old slobbery kisses whenever I am least expecting them.

  2. Making up from our first "disagreement" will always be a funny memory for me. We were both pouting about whatever we were pouting about. We had to go somewhere, so we got in the car and while we were driving a certain song came on (it's on my player). When the song got to a very specific line, Bert turned up the music so that I would get the message. All was mended IMMEDIATELY and I still think of that every time I hear that song.
  3. Early on in our marriage we sat down to dinner one night. I had prepared a particularly nice meal and was excited to see what Bert thought. He looked over the dinner and then offered to say the blessing. In this prayer he offered thanks, but he also took a second to ask the following, "and please bless Jenny and her abilities to cook." He insisted that it came out wrong and he didn't mean what it might have sounded like. However, 10 years later, whenever I make a particularly good dinner, he comes back at me and says, "Now, aren't you glad I prayed for your cooking." Very funny!

  4. I still remember the moment we found out we were going to be parents ... we were pretty sure before the little test, but I remember that moment. So much excitement and anticipation, some nervousness, but we knew we were in this together and that was so comforting.

  5. Pregnancy is not really very good to me (or maybe I am not very good to pregnancy) ... anyway, I am usually sick the entire time, lots of throwing up, unending queasiness, sleeplessness, ugh! When we were experiencing this for the first time Bert was very concerned for my health as well as the health of the baby. Because of the nausea, I couldn't stomach prenatal vitamins. This was not acceptable to Bert. One night I was in bed, watching a show or reading or something to distract me and Bert came up with the vitamin. I told him I would try, but I would need a little something to eat. He then brought me a plate of green jello we had in the fridge. I ate the jello and was hoping it would settle. Bert was quite determined to make sure I took the vitamin, so he stayed there watching until I took it. With all that pressure I finally took the vitamin and sure enough it came back up, like a rocket, with all that green jello. For that man to see me like that and still love so much, it's truly amazing. And what's even better, he never bugged me about taking vitamins again!

  6. One of my most tender memories of Bert is one I didn't even witness myself. It was when he announced to the world the arrivale of our first baby. I am pretty sure his exact words were, "It's a girl, and she's big!"

  7. The next memory that comes to mind was not too much later, when we were given a one night's stay at the Homestead. Thing 1 was just about 8 months old, and we left her for a short overnight excursion. She was in good hands with my mom and we were so happy to have some time together, just the two of us. It had been a long time. There are so many funny things to remember from that trip, but we won't get into all those details (let's just say it was a productive getaway). Mostly, however, it was just great to realize how much I loved Bert and missed having alone time with just him.

  8. And I have to recall the moment we saw The Boy for the first time ... he was just a big old baby boy and Bert was so excited. When we realized what we were looking at, the look on his face was priceless. He was so thrilled to have a son, you could tell he was already starting to think of all the car talk and guitar lessons and fishing ... his eyes told it all.
  9. About two years ago Bert started talking to me seriously about have one more baby. Knowing how well I am during a pregnancy, I was not overly eager to get things going. So I put him off for a while. Then, one day he just set me down and with love and certainty, he told me that he knew we needed to have one more baby. I just remember the feeling I had at that very moment of putting all my trust in him. I still wasn't personally convinced, but I could see the conviction in him and that was one of the first times I really felt I put ALL of my faith and trust in him. I guess there just hadn't ever been a reason in the past, but now there was and I can see that that was a huge defining moment in our marriage.
  10. This last memory happened quite recently. It was last night when Bert asked me to remove some of the more personal items on this list ... he would like to keep his tough guy image a little while longer! Love ya Bert!

These are just a few of the moments that have left a strong impression on me over the years. There have been good and bad, bumpy and smooth, but all have been filled with love.

Thanks Bert for the good, the bad and the funny!


Fresh Mommy said...

That is awesome. Sounds like an incredibly sweet man. 10 years and going strong... keep it up girl!!


Julie said...

I love your Memories. I wonder what Bert's favorites are. Most of your's are about things he did, But I am sure you have done many wonderful things too. thanks for sharing

Tink said...

Jenny, this was truly beautiful and enlightening. I was touched by the many things you shared. I could feel of your heartfelt love and devotion! It is posts like this that make me reflect about the good in my marriage. Thanks for spreading the love. And congrats on TEN years!