Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Could Write a Sonnet about your Easter Bonnet ...

... however, since it is made out of these, I think I'll just eat it instead!

Oh Yeah!

Somewhere in the big old world wide web, I came across the idea of making Easter bonnet cookies using peanut butter cups.

However, since I have never seen a BROWN easter bonnet,

(the example I saw had brown bonnets
... love chocolate, but still ...),

here's my attempt at a lighter, more dainty little bonnet.

Key word here: attempt ;)

I turned to my old friend, Bark Coating and I gave it a little yellow tint.

Then I covered the peanut butter cups in the melted coating.

If you use toothpicks, put the pick in at an angle,
as that makes it soooo much easier to remove onto waxed paper.

And FYI: This step needs to be quick, or else the chocolate will start to melt.

I even put the peanut butter cups in the freezer before using them,

just to be on the safe side.

So, in, then out, and onto wax paper to set.

Now, you will need a cookie to use as a base
and plenty of frosting, pink and blue and yellow worked for me.

(You can use store bought cookies,
I have a cheaters example at the end of this post using
store bought cookies and I really liked it!)

Here's a little action shot of our messy work area.

To assemble, I put a huge gob of frosting on the bottom of the peanut butter cup and then placed it on the cookie. The frosting would ooze out just enough to create a "ribbon" looking edge around the hat.

Then I added flowers, lots of flowers!

And pretty soon we had ourselves a bit of an Easter Parade.

Bonnets were all over the place!

The kids wanted in on the action, so I handed over the frosting and put them to work.

Thing 1 did pretty good!

The Boy made a work of art!

Thing 2 had some cute bonnets, but she ate one right away!

And The King wondered where his cookie was!
Too bad buddy, maybe next year!

Okay, now as mentioned, I have a few Cheater versions ... YAY!

Cheater #1

Just use a store bought cookie - I loved the scalloped edge -
very dainty!

Cheater #2

Don't dip the Reeses, just take advantage of the pretty pastel colored foil wrappers the peanut butter cups come in for Easter.

Finally ... The Ultimate Cheater:
Store bought cookie AND no dipping ... couldn't be much easier than that and they are still quite lovely, I think!

I'll be watching for your Easter treat,
I always love fun ideas!


Greg and Katie Pettey said...

I hope these were for a fancy tea party and not just for fun! You're making us all look bad! JK. They are adorable and that photo of The King is priceless. Happy Spring Break!

Fresh Mommy said...

Those are so cute!!! All of them are so pretty, what a great idea and thanks for the tip!!


Briony said...

these are sooo cute and i am sure they are delicious :)

The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

Those are adorable!

linsey said...

so cute!

Deb F said...

I think I am addicted to your blog? In withdrawal as I wait for a new update.

K said...

These turned out darling!

Doran & Jody said...

What a fun idea!! Wish I had a creative bone in me. Or maybe it's the desire I lack. But oh so fun!!!

cheraf said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

I got on the computer to get my mind off the fact that I am craving reeses peanut butter cups, only to find my self here drooling all over the key board. These look very yummy!:)

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Those are very pretty, look oh so yummy and very creative. Bet you and your kids had a great time doing it.