Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't Make Him Choose!

We all have our passions, our hobbies, our favorite toys, you know how it goes. But what happens when a man obsessed with basses is forced to choose between the well-being of his most beloved (and expensive) bass and the well-being of his youngest child?
In his own words (directed at his darling baby boy),
"Don't make me choose!!!"
The King is persistant and Bert is trying his hardest to remove strong little fingers without getting a scratch on his bass, and without having the baby fall off the couch ... can you see him gritting his teeth?
Now he's actually biting down on his lip,
trying to end the situation well for both parties!
That's when I stepped in.
No wrestling, prying or nudging needed.
I just turned to the best way I know to get a man's attention:
... I waving a little popsicle in his direction ...
There, that should do it!
See, he's completely forgotten about the bass!

No scratches on the baby, no scratches on the bass,

and we shared a little mango pop!

All's Well That Ends Well!


susette said...

We have a bass lover in our family as well. He would guard that thing with his life!!

Cute baby!!

jenjermad said...

The other day I was driving and found a solution for the car situation and the bass. There was this guy driving a nice motorcycle with his big instrument seatbelted to the seat behind him. I couldn't pull my cell phone out fast enough to take a picture. But I thought of you guys:)

Leslie said...

that is too funny, way to get the play by play, and mending things at the end.

Deb F said...

Popsicles huh? need to remember that might come in handy in the future. The King is cute and getting so BIG!!!