Monday, May 25, 2009

Muffin Tin Memorial Monday

I really wasn't going to do a Muffin Tin today, let alone post one. But, since I am on a mission to get every mommy out there doing muffin tins once a week ... how could I skip???

Today was quite a day, we started with a very moving Memorial Day Flagraising Ceremony. Our neighbor, who has served two tours now, spoke to us. He took a moment to honor all of those in our audience who had served by reading the lyrics to each of the different armed services songs and having the veterans stand. I was so glad to learn more about the people around me, including my next door neighbor. I am so grateful for the warriors out there who sacrifice so much for us. It was truly a blessing to ponder on these sacrifices today.

After we got home from that we did some tidying up around the home and then it was naptime for The King, that meant garden time for Bert and I. We have been hoping to get our garden in this year, but a great deal of prep work has been holding us back. Finally, it all happened today, we put in a fantastic Square Foot Garden and were so in the zone we scurried and put together two more to set out on our patio!!! WAHOO! I am so excited to get some incredible, fresh, happy veggies this summer.

By evening, we were all worn out. The kids asked about Muffin Tin Monday and I said it just wasn't going to happen today. Then Bert went out and put some hot dogs on the grill. As I started to look at what I had to work with, I realized I could put together a muffin tin afterall. Nothing too great, just a plain old Muffin Tin Dinner.

And guess what? The kids loved it!

Nothing special in this one (okay, that watermelon was actually really good - it's early in the season so I was a little skeptical) - Our tin consisted of:

a hot dog (that doesn't even fit in the tin)




a cup of water (for crying out loud ... yes, I included a cup of water)

and the return of our favorite little animal crackers ... YAY!

Earlier that day my head had been spinning about how to put together a tin relating to gardening, since that has been our focus this weekend. I was starting to come up with some elaborate plans that would require some effort and a trip or two to the store.

Then, in a very last minute decision, I dropped the plans and turned the most simple dinner into a Muffin Tin Monday.

If you aren't doing this yet, please see how easy it can be!

Really ... this isn't a contest, this just about a fun meal for the kids!

If you are still here ... go check out the other muffin tins at

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Deb F said...

Yumm, thanks for sharing about your morning side. What a great day!