Saturday, June 6, 2009

Serenity NOW!!!

So, I was all set to post some fun photos of our morning activity today ... they would show the picture of a LOVELY DAY.
And, indeed, it was, up to a certain point!
Bert played with his friend Jay for a little fundraiser, "Pancakes for Parkinsons"

It was specifically for Team Fox, the Love Family ... like the t-shirt?

The King was totally enthralled with his Daddy's bass playing, I loved the look on his face while he watched. I think we have a budding musician there.

The kids were much more attracted to the play toys ...

We even snuck in a little photo of our happiness.

Then we went home and set out on a busy day of projects, and there were still some fun little surprises throughout the day:
Like these shoes, the boy came home from the park with very muddy feet. However, his shoes were just fine since he took them off while he was at the park. It might be breaking one of our rules, but I am sure glad he did.

Then Bert found this little message scribbled on our cement ... ahhhh ♥♥♥!

And The King is crawling all over, having a great time getting into everything!

And Thing 2 was riding her bike with roller blades ... is this a new extreme sport in the making? A new type of triathalon maybe???

So, as I already mentioned, I sat down to share all these fun moments from the day. However, just before doing so, Bert and I found out what happens when you leave a
4-year-old BOY

in your front room (while you are cooking dinner) with a


Yep ... he really got it ... TWICE!

We are trying to find the humor in this.
Is there any?


Deb F said...

so, when are you sending him to me??

Aleta said...

Ohhhhhh Myyyyy!!!! My jaw would have hit the floor and I would have been stunned into to silence.

And here I was, ready to comment on how I absolutely thought the family picture was precious - I still do, just with a hint of mischief in the lurking. Lol.

Enjoyed your post!

Jessica and Tim said...

Oh sad. Why must boys be so destructive? It's like its in their genes to ruin stuff. I'm so sorry. That totally stinks.

Bridget said...

OH, no! My comment is the same as Aleta's...I was just going to comment on your sweet family pictures and then...the SAW!!! ;)

cheraf said...

Oh my goodness! At least he didn't try to saw himself or the dog...
I'm not sure I'd find a lot of humor in that either, but all the other pictures are cute!