Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let it Begin ... Let it Begin ... Let it Begin ...

Does anyone else feel this way???
School is officially OUT!
I am so excited to have my kids to myself for the summer!

(I'm even more excited that they want to be home with me. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, every single minute!!!)

And Bert has a new work schedule that gives him a bit more time off, and a bit less pay to go along with that, (but we're just glad he still has a job right now!!!) It will be fun to include him in many of our activities this summer.


Anyhow ... Summer is here and we are ready to play.

But, just a quick shout-out to the superbly fabulous teachers that worked so hard with the girls this year!

Thing 1's Home Room Teacher

Thing 2's Home Room Teacher

Thing 2's Literacy Teacher

Thing 1's Math Teacher

And, when I went to check on the little sleeping beauties tonight, there was Thing 2 cuddled up with her pencil box she just brought home from school today. Looks like she might miss school a bit more than I thought she would.

Thing 1 woke up when I was snapping the above photo, so I took one of her, too. Didn't want to leave her out. She is a pretty good little actress ... doesn't she really look like she was sleeping?



Deb F said...

don't forget me!!!!

Greg and Katie Pettey said...

My excitement comes more in the form of a sigh of relief! This summer is the calm before the storm: a 4th grader, a kindergartner, and a preschooler next year. Yikes! Let's just see how much more we can mess with the schedule of a 2-year-old and see how mom does. I'm enjoying every relaxing moment of this summer with my kids starting NOW!! Are you guys up for some swimming next week?

Fresh Mommy said...

Hahahaha, I LOVE that you've added this clip of Rhino... that is one of our favorite movies, and I can't get over his contagious enthusiasm!! We are SO excited for summer, although we all keep the same schedule year-round, there's just something different and more adventurous about the summer months!!


Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

It has been a week already. I need a routine. School always has us in a nice routine. We always flounder a little when creating our own.