Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Yes ... I Did!!!

Yesterday, I found out that today was National Chocolate Day!

Oh, blessed day!

We HAVE TO Celebrate this one.

So, Yes,

we did!

We finally had our





As I was planning dinner, my initial plan was a plate full of:
But reason and a sense of responsibility kicked in
and I decided I better go with
something healthy,
something new,
something different,
something wonderful.
After a few little searches, I came across these:
I am happy to report that both were yummy, a little different for us, but I will definitely prepare them again (and again, and again).
We topped the meal off with some fudgy brownies and a big glass of chocolate milk.
Roly Poly Olie would be proud!


Briony said...

wowzer...now that is dedication! i had myself some chocolate soy milk :) i may need to take a page from your book next year. hahah

Leslie said...

how fun!! and YUMMY--the chicken and veggies sounds interesting, but I always try things at least once.

K said...

I have never heard of chocolate chicken. It's always good to try new things. I'm impressed you even knew it was National Chocolate Day. I do well to just remember the big holidays:)

Shimmy Mom said...

How did I not know this?!?! Can I celebrate tomorrow?
My husband loves mole sauce that has choc in it, so your dinner sounds wonderful. I'm definitely getting in on the action next year.

jenjermad said...

Too funny. I didn't even have any chocolate today. What was I thinking?! You are a way fun mom:)

Tink said...

It really was national chocolate day on the 7th? How did I miss that one? But knowing me and my chocolate habits, I'm sure I had a Ding Dong or Twix or something! You'll have to share your recipes! I THINK that sounds good :)