Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Party Fit for a King ... Well, Our King!

Yes, I know his birthday was on Friday, but he doesn't!!!
Since Bert was out of town until Saturday, and Saturday was a holiday, we decided to have a little celebration for the King today.
(Don't you love the IKEA panels I just put up???)

He's ONE and really doesn't have any clue what is going on, however, he seemed a little worried as people started coming into our home ...

... but we managed to coax a little smile out of him anyway!

We made him a Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake
(I saw through a link on Cake Wrecks ... yay!)

(NOTE: This cake was GREAT on so many levels ... relatively easy, and the head makes the PERFECT smash cake for the baby!)

More people kept arriving and The King had almost had it ... and the party hadn't even started yet. Oh, he's such a sensitive little sweetie!

We finally got everyone settled and brought out the cake ... he was pretty intense about that candle.

And then, he wasn't really sure what to do with the cake ... this is where all my other kids stopped. They would touch the sticky frosting, pull away and were DONE!

But not The King ... a few little pokes and tastes,
and he was into it...


But that's what baths are for, right?

Thanks to all for coming to celebrate our little man here ...
he sure is loved!
And someday soon he will love you all back, I'm sure!

(p.s. Many thanks to my sis Debbie for most of the photos ...
you rock and I totally have camera envy!)


Scott and Sara said...

He is soooooo precious! Happy Birthday little man. I can't wait to celebrate Cam's birthday in a month!

K said...

I love first birthdays. It is so much fun to let them dive into their own cake. The caterpillar cake is just too cute. I love the cupcake/cake idea. They are great for parties. Hope you are all finally feeling better and can get back to enjoying the summer.

Tink said...

How SWEET! And you are the most creative thing on earth. Check out that cool "cake" made out of cupcakes and loved the idea of the head being the smash cake! Looks like he finally got into and enjoyed the company! Happy Birthday King!

Amber said...

One already? NO WAY! He is too cute! I love the cake, you always have the best ideas. Happy Birthday to the King!