Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Introducing My New Mommy Brain

Welcome to My Brain ...

It's new, I just made it!

I think it should work much better than the older version, the one that couldn't remember which day the kids needed gym shoes, or when Reading Logs were due, or when the baby had his next Doctor appointment!

Well, thanks to this new and improved Mommy Brain, forgetting those details is a thing of the past! Just put the information in ... and it stays there!!! Easily accessible to anyone, especially a crazed Mommy running around in the morning trying to get everyone out the door with everything they need for the day.

Whew ... no more of that!

Just look at the Mommy Brain, it's all there. No more stressing, no more wondering, no more losing imporant papers that need to be signed and returned to the school!!!

Thank you Amy at The Idea Room ... I adapted your FANTASTIC idea to work for my space ... and it came out better than I had hoped!

The Breakdown:
6 Dollar Store frames ... $6
Metal pieces from Bert's work ... $3.50
Cute letters ... $3
Magnets ... $8
Hanging Posts ... $3

Total Cost ... under $25!!!


Small price to pay for saving one Mom from insanity!
(And for getting rid of some pesky piles that try to take over our home.)


K said...

Love this. I so wish I had wall space to put an organizer like this. I've had to be even more creative to keep organized and keep to a small amount of space. Yours turned out absolutely darling. I hope it works all year long!

Tia Langston said...

Neat and neat.

**Amy** said...

They look great! I love your circle tags for the days of the week. Hmmm! They would make mine prettier! I love the pic of your kids in your header!! Too funny!

Tink said...

GREAT JOB JEN! I'm clapping my hands for you! I love it!

Jen said...

This is fantastic! What a great way to keep things simple and organized.

The Gosfam said...

Wow that is super cute. I only have 2, and only 1 in school, so I can wait for a little while to take over in the scheduling dept :)

Sara said...

I love this idea of everyone having their own board and they look so cute to boot! Thanks for checking out my blog and adding me on your list. Blogging is such a fun way to get to know people.