Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's that time? Really?

We've been anticipating this date for quite some time. It's the first day of Preschool and The Boy is ready to go. The Mommy ... not so much. I still can't get away from this image of The Boy that is just etched into my heart. It is an image of me snuggling a wonderful baby boy, kissing his little face and singing "You're my Sweetie Pie" to him about a hundred times day!
Then, he started growing, but not too fast. He stuck with me when my girls went off to school ... he was my buddy. We played and played and he drove me crazy and I bugged him and we did this all day long every single day.
So how do you let this little guy go?
I guess they start letting themselves go, and you just have to go along with it all! He was so excited to go today that he got himself dressed right as soon as he popped out of bed this morning. This is what he chose:

I opted for a slight wardrobe adjustment (I didn't want to advise his teacher of the truth on the first day ... I'm gonna let her find out for herself ... it's more fun that way). So I went down to his room to get a new shirt and found this:

He went through a lot of different options this morning, too bad I had to change it. I picked out a fun red shirt and he made the change. Then it was off to school:

He's so cheesy!

He loved donning the backpack ... I think that was one of his favorite things about today.

He walked down into Miss T's classroom, not a hint of trepidation (darn it):

And settled in with some Play Dough (and lots of girls ... at least there are a few boys).

I kissed him, gave him the thumbs up (which he generously returned) and let him go to work. I walked back out to the car, wiped away my tears and went home with The King. When it was time to pick him up I was the last car in line:

Because I had to wake someone up from his nap ... only he didn't really wake up!

The Boy stood there, excited and happy to spot me in the line of cars!

He even waved at me ...

He hopped in and started showing me all the cool things he got in class today!

Of course, I thought it called for a bit of a celebration, so off to Wendy's we went!

And that quick, Preschool was just a distant memory and it was all about the penguins: Icie and Coldie!

To Be Four!
Is there a happier place?


Amber said...

That is the sweetest baby picture ever! I can't believe it's preschool time for these kids already, wow!

Scott and Sara said...

I am so in love with him. He is such a sweet kid, and so so smart. I can't imagine what it would feel like. I love my special cuddle time with Cam now. NO MORE KIDS FOR ME! His backpack is almost as big as him. So darling...

Jen said...

Time flies and it's wonderful when we remember glimpses of the ever changing past.

I like your blog here. Love the circus!

Tink said...

Oh y word, howe endearing is that? I love the picture and how cute he looks with his backpack that is bigger than he is :) waving to you! So precious.