Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chasing Vincent

The funny thing in visiting several blogs out there is that I see stories of all these brushes people are having with fame. I haven't really had any of those, I was very near Donny Osmond once, but I never went up and talked to him, so I don't think my photo from across the way really counts.

And that's it!
THAT is my brush with fame.

But I have to admit that the chance of me running into someone famous that would actually become one of those "really fantastic moments in my life" is pretty slim. I mean, how often does Johnny Depp come to Utah? Yeah, we get some celebs up here for the Sundance Film Festival, but I really haven't had that great of a desire to meet up with just anyone, I'm all about specifics. "Who" it is really does matter in my book.

Which brings us to Friday morning. I had just dropped the kids off at school and then something I heard on the radio just sent all kinds of bumpily (yes, that is a word in our family), excited chills up and down my arms. Our local radio guy was introducing his guest, none other than Vincent D'Onofrio ... who plays Detective Bobby Goran on Law and Order, CI, the best of the bunch in my book. I have been a fan for about a year, got hooked on the reruns and now, Vincent is in my top ten celebs (yes, I have already posted about this little crush).

So, I find out in the interview that Vincent is in town ... really??? Oh My! He was here for a fundraising event at a restaurant a bit south of me ... at first I dismiss the thought. Good thing it's a 10 minute drive, I kept listening to the interview, listening to the details and as soon as I was home I was plotting out the rest of my day so that I could make it happen.

I immediately looked for an accomplice and went straight to my dear friend who I have known since we were both quite young. Knowing that she is also a fan of the show, and "Bobby" in particular, I figured she could be quite easily coerced! Sure enough, one Facebook message and she was in.
We loaded up and went to the restaurant in question (co-owned by Mr. D'onofrio himself) with the promise that he would be "in and out" all weekend and the hope that our "in's" might coordinate. So we ordered some BBQ and waited ...
and waited ...
and waited ...
In the end, our venture was fruitless. We loitered as long as we could without seeming too obvious about our primary focus. We talked and played and ate and anything we could think of until the boys were just too restless to stay put any longer (but they did great for the first 2 hours ... oh, is that just a little too divulgent?).
And in the end,

Some other time ... maybe! (Hopefully!!!)
Oh, and thanks Zombette for coming along and making it such a fun outing! We'll have to try this again sometime!


Amber said...

No fame involved but still something extraordinary--your boys seriously did well for TWO HOURS? Well, maybe since he co-owns the place he'll be back and then you can put on your running shoes once more!

Deb F said...

:( you didn't call me?? I've known who he is since Mystic Pizza. Oh well, maybe next time. See you tomorrow night.

Jenny in Utah said...

Sorry Deb ... I knew that you preferred Elliot to Bobby - I had to go with someone who really had him in the #1!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I would have come with you, if I had known. To bad you did not get to see him in person.