Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Club ... Without the Book

I am definitely in the right book club ... it works just perfectly for me, and it's a heck of a lot of fun!

With the holidays approaching and schedules filling up, we decided to forego reading assignments until the new year. However, we didn't want to skip the meetings, so the idea was brought to the table to do a Murder Mystery Dinner Party for October and a Cookie Exchange for December.

Perfect! (hey, there is still reading involved - somewhat)

The night started off with a little laugh, thanks to Janet's husband who inscribed a little note on her dish ...

Brittany put the whole thing together ... and it was a LOT of work. Not only did she have to glam up (love the Bumpits), but she also organized ALL of the information for our 15 participants and bake a cake and prepare a very yummy pasta dish! Way to go Brit - you did a fantastic job!

And here are all the characters:

And a few funny highlights:

The Glamourous (2 of many)

The Perfect Chocolate Spokesmodel

The Murder Weapon:

And The Murderess - who'd have thought!

And I snatched these photos from Kim ... this is the whole group:
 (of course, I didn't make it into any of my own photos)

And each of us in our Character:

Fantastic Evening Ladies ... already looking forward to next year!
(One time and it's a tradition ... YAY!)


Kasidy and Brittany said...

It was a blast...wouldn't been as great without you letting us use your home! Thanks again...AND you were the best Pipa!

Lara said...

How fun! I am missing my book club right about now. Hopefully I can find some people to do this with next year!

K said...

You have the most fun group of friends! I have always wanted to do a murder mystery party. I think it would be so much fun. I need a bigger house though! So much work too. It looks like it was so worth it. I can't wait to see how the cookie exchange goes. I usually try and host one of those, but I've missed the last couple of years. We'll have to talk about that one, so I can get some tips:)

Amber said...

So, why didn't this awesome book club exist when I lived there? How fun!

Sorry to hear you guys are sick over there. I hope the kids are well by trick-or-treating or that would be a HUGE bummer! And when you are feeling better, we would love to show off our little boy to you!

Tia Langston said...

Ok. You have to MAKE ME go next year. How fun!!! And Amber---I'm sure you could still attend, even though you don't live there. I try to make it down for Girls Night Out every so often. :o)

Amy said...

We hosted a murder mystery once BEFORE we had kids and we had sut a blast. We continually talk about doing it again. Guess we just need to get on it!