Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here Goes Halloween ...

Here's our little walk down Halloween Lane 2009 ...
encompassing all of the fun we had over the past few days!

Costume Day for The Boy's Preschool Class - He was pretty excited!

I attended Thing 2's Class Party ... she is still happy when her mom shows up at school!
(I'm going to enjoy that as long as possible.)

I peeked in at Thing 1's class for a minute ... they were having a great time!

The King was banished to his stroller the whole time,
which he wasn't too happy about until Mommy gave him a little box of Nerds.

We played "Wrap the Mummy" in Thing 2's class

Friday we attended a "Trunk or Treat" at my parents' church:

We decked out their trunk a little ... although it was mostly just about the candy!

And here's Papa handing out the goods:

Then we stopped by Aunt Debbie's to see her ghoulish costume ...
Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
We made that costume several years ago - yay for saving and reusing!!!

Halloween Day was met with lots of fallen leaves and warm sunshine!

Oh so Wonderful!

Then it was time to put on the costumes and hit the neighborhood!
Thing 1 was a one-winged fairy ... okay, she had two, but one side hid from the photo.
She is actually Silvermist the Fairy.

The King as himself!

Thing 2 was also a one-winged fairy ... what's the deal?
She was really a fairy from the Weather Fairies book series.

And The Boy as himself!

And I decided on assuming an alter ego ... you know who she is!
It was a great excuse to have an apron as part of my costume AND to wear a Bumpit ...
who'd have thought I'd like it so much ... might have to use them a little more often!

Here are our scary pumpkins ... designed by the kids:

Trick or Treating was full of lots and lots of treats, but only one good trick! We had one of those moments that could have won the grand prize on America's Funniest Videos ... too bad we didn't capture it. As we were running from house to house, Spiderman ended up running right into a plastic mesh fence he didn't even see ... it threw him right to the ground!

Don't worry, Spidy was fine, his ego was a little bruised, but that was it!
Mommy had to stifle her laughter while consoling the little guy ... now that was HARD!

Moving on, can I share one of our favorite annual stops?

And to top off the evening, as the night wore, on we started to run out of candy. My wonderful girls, all on their own, grabbed from their stash and filled our candy bowl again ... and not just with the stuff they didn't want. They picked the good stuff to give away! I am utterly unworthy of being their mom!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!
(Well, at least those of you that wanted to!)


Julie W said...

Your family knows how to Rock the Holiday! Love all of it.

K said...

Everyone looks so great. So many fun parties too!

Shauna said...

How fun! Happy Halloween :)

Amber said...

I love the one-winged fairies :) and the manly boys! I really can't believe they gave up those treats, what good girls! I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but you're lookin good in a bumpit!

Lara said...

I absolutely love that you were Flo! What a great costume!

Looks like a wonderful Halloween, for sure. The wind must have been blowing just right for your fairy photos.

Susana said...

I LOVE what you've been doing in Picnik! I'm hooked on it too:-)!!

Deb F said...

I think next year I need to go trick or treating with you. Totally missed out! Thanks for the costume.