Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Thing 2 and Bob Dylan

Monday was all about Thing 2 ... well it was supposed to be, then I found out I won tickets to the Bob Dylan concert that evening! So, things got done, but a little on the rushed side. Poor Thing 2 - that middle child syndrome keeps on hitting her! But we still had a sweet little dinner all about her, that I set on the table just before dashing out the door - she'll survive ... right?
For Thing 2 we used the bear muffin cups, as this just goes so well with who she is ...
we had Chicken Noodle Soup (one of her favorites),
Blue Cat Cookies (she loves blue AND she loves cats - even though she is slightly allergic - boo),
7 cubes of cheese (since she is 7),
some pink lemonade (her request), and finally,
some marshmallows in honor of the 'Gunk in the 'Gy (translation: "Skunk in the Sky") stories she would tell when she was little - we loved those stories!

Despite the fact that I was running out the door - she still seemed pretty happy about the meal -
AND she was happy Aunt Debbie was the babysitter! (Thanks Deb!!!)

And since this is all about Thing 2 (and Bob Dylan) - let me share a photo of the snail she found over the weekend ... it was actually kind of cute and I am NOT a fan of snails. It was just so petite ... really ... almost cute! She is our little Bug Whisperer ... this child loves bugs and they love her back. She can get butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and more to just land on her arm - it's crazy!
WE ♥♥♥ our Thing 2 - she is such a sweetie!

Anyhow, now a little about Bob ... all I can say is that HE ROCKS! Bert and I wanted to go to his concert, but we have been putting our discretionary funds into auto repairs lately, so the concert was not to be. UNTIL I received an email from the radio station yesterday informing me that I actually won a pair of tickets ... what a thrill. He is such a legend ... an icon ... I don't really know what more to say - he is Bob Dylan! I remember studying his lyrics in my High School English class (that was such a great class - I still remember so much of what we did in there ... Mrs. Parker was a fantastic teacher).
So, back to the concert, Bert and I worked our way through the crowd and managed to get situated in a spot on the balcony where we were probably 25 feet away from him! It was fantastic. And for that man to be able to rock the house at his age ... all I can say is WOW! It was a great concert and a great opportunity to finally see this man in person.
Thanks local radio station!
(And thanks to the parking guy who let us park for free since we were totally unprepared for the show!)


Doran & Jody said...

Happy Birthday to Thing 2.
And oh so not fair to leave me home during the concert!!

How fun that you won tickets though!!! WOOT!

K said...

So glad you got to go to the concert. What a nice little getaway evening with your honey and a big bonus that it was a great concert.

Mollie said...

Oh I'm green, green, green. So glad you got to go see my favorite singer of all time.