Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Little Thanksgiving Humor

Thing 1 had an assignment to prepare a diarama or play for her class.

They did a little skit about an indian boy teaching two pilgrim girls how to hunt,
it really was cute!

And, they ended with a few jokes, I had to share:

(due to the poor sound quality, here is a little translation)

Thing 1: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
Her Friend: I don't know, what?
Thing 1: Pilgrims!

and then there was a little riddle:
Boy 1: What is full during the day and empty at night?
Boy 2: I don't know?
Boy 3: Shoes!

Don't 3rd graders have a fun sense of humor?

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Loosle's said...

That is too funny! I love how brave children are. You could tell on their sweet faces that this was something fun... a little scary but fun for them! YAY!

Shauna said...

I am thankful for YOU!
♥ HUGS ♥