Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Give me Land, Lots of Land ...

Just a little snippet of our quick getaway to Southern Utah ...
besides replenishing our Vitamin D reserves,
we enjoyed two days FILLED with some great activities.

Our Concierge
(okay, the guy at the front desk of the Best Western)
gave us directions to get to the
Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site ... Incredible!

Then we went through the dinosaur museum that came to be when developers started finding fossils at their worksite ... hence, no development! (YAY)

We took a tour of the Jacob Hamblin Home in Santa Clara.
If you are not very familiar with his history, it's worth a read, what a man!
To this day, he holds the record for the most miles ridden on horseback ... EVER!
I loved this lamp they had on display ... back in the day, each family would have their own punched design, that way you would know who was visiting you at night!

Then we went for a little jaunt through Snow Canyon.

We stopped by the St. George Temple, too.
It's such a striking image in that red, desert landscape.

And we picked up a few souvenirs ...
much needed sneakers from the Sketchers store!

We spent the next night at the "El Rey Inn" in Cedar City,
which is kind of funny because it's Spanish for "The King".
It wasn't quite as nice as our St. George lodgings, but it must have been meant to be!

And we finished up with an amazing day hiking through hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park,
it must be one of the most incredible places on Earth ... really!

We went on a long hike,
running into people from all over the country,
(which is how we were able to get a family shot -
thanks to some nice sisters from the East Coast).

Thanks Southern Utah, for being such a beautiful place!
It's always so wonderful to feel how rejuvenating
some sunshine, big open skies and desert landscape is to the soul!

Until next time!


Katie Pettey said...

Love it! What a fun vacation! We are so fortunate to live so close to such beauty! What great photos!

Susana said...

Thanks for sharing the fun time you had with your family! I love seeing these pictures--makes me really miss Utah!!

Lara said...

Sounds like so much fun! Such beautiful pictures, too.

Makes me miss Cedar (that's where I lived before I moved here 3 months ago).

Amy said...

Looks like a blast.... we love snow canyon. When we went Dave hiked 2 hikes alone because the rest of us were TUCKERED out. Did you see the lava tubes?? Our favorite!

Can't believe how big the king has gotten. When we ran into you last he was MUCH smaller.

K said...

This is a trip I would really like to make with my son. We've never ventured to the southern part of this state. It is absolutely beautiful! Love all the photos and especially the entire family shot.