Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in Review

1 - Bert's 40th B-day Bash
2 - Murder Mystery - I wasn't the bad guy!
3 - Thing 2 comes up with new uses for things all the time.
4 - The King gets teeth
5 - The Steelers won the Superbowl (not gonna happen this year)
6 - Lots of Apron sewing

7 - The Boy potty-trained and this is how his sister's reacted
8 - Thing 2 had her b-day usurped by a sick little brother
9 - Sick little brother was The King, spent 4 days in the hospital with RSV
10 - A day at the Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson knocked the kids right out!
11 - The King made the cutest little easter bunny
12 - The Boy was very kind to advertise his status with a bold t-shirt

13 - Bert and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary
14 - The Boy had a stellar Star Wars b-day party
15 - Thing 2 mastered bike riding and roller blading enough to combine the two together
16 - The Boy made his mommy laugh soooooo hard during our day at Lagoon
17 - Aunt Debbie returned from Australia - YAY!
18 - The kids looking ever so patriotic, ala Old Navy and Aunt Debbie!!!

19 - We finished a lengthy home improvement project - whew!
20 - The King had the best hair, and I had it cut off - what was I thinking???
21 - Thing 1 started her orthodontic adventure
22 - Thing 1 was the hiker ... hiking on her b-day and any other chance she got
23 - Thing 1 was chosen for a solo part in her Choir Concert - and she did GREAT!
24 - It was confirmed that The Boy will definitely be the center of attention where ever he may be!

What a fantastic year!

Can't wait for 2010 ... there are already so many excited events lined up.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Chanelle said...

What a great post! Happy New Year!

Karlyn said...

We have a "center of attention-er" too! It's always fun! What a fun post!

Hillary said...

That was the cutest post!!! You have the cutest kids!

Lara said...

Loved reading this.

Happy New Year!

Jessica and Tim said...

You guys are always so fun. I'm glad you took the time and effort to recap. Super cool to read.

The Gosfam said...

What a FUN review!! Since I have been taking an extended vacay I haven't been posting pics and fun stuff to the blog. I will have a lot to catch up on. Anyways I wanted you to know--I check in all the time, and just don't always comment. I am going to do better :)