Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's a Miracle We Have Men in this World!!!

How do they survive to manhood?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It seems my days with boys are filled with
one near-death experience
after another,
after another!!!

I have often thought
God must have a really great sense of humor,
sending me two perfect, angelic girls,
then ...
two BOYS!!!

Jeepers, am I learning a LOT!

Like, you can't go downstairs for 30 seconds!

Because when you come back up,
you'll be met by your 17-month-old
standing at the top of the stairs,
holding a LARGE piece of broken glass in his hands!

Really ... he was!
How the heck do boys survive toddler-hood?

Anyhow, at least I've learned to not scream 
when encountered with these situations!

I just gather up the little perpetrator,
put him in a safe place (like there really are any with this guy and his brother),
and try to secure the surroundings as best I can.

Thank heavens for duct tape!

Fortunately, he got over his time being a detainee ...

... and found a new favorite place to play,
The Kitchen Sink!

Don't worry, I've unplugged the garbage disposal!
(I'm learning, slowly but surely, I'm learning.)


Jeanette said...

My kids just don't fit the usual boy/girl attitudes and personalities. My son=angelic, easy, cautious. My daughter= miracle she is still alive, fearless, dare devil, into everything.

Scott and Sara said...

That is scary. You're better than me, I would have screamed my head off, he would have shattered the glass with fear! Glad he is ok. Also, I love your new header. The picture of the boy is a classic!

Jamie said...

Yikes! I'm glad he is ok! My only child is a boy and even though he is only 13 months old, I totally know what you are talking about! He's a fearless animal already. Trying to dive head first off anything whenever he sees the chance, tackling me if he sees me laying on the floor...I could go on and on. *lol* He scares me almost everyday! And what scares me even more is what he'll be like when he's older!

Amber said...

Oh my. I knew there was a reason I spend so much time cuddling this precious, non-threatening, and sweet little (immobile) bundle of joy! How much time do I have??
p.s. I love the family photo a few posts down!

Jenny said...

They can truly scare the heck out of us at times. Thank heavens he was not hurt.