Monday, December 21, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Christmas Time

Oh My ...


We're smack in the middle of our Christmas Celebration (Marathon)!

Running around from family to friend to neighbor and back again -
bringing wishes of joy and peace, laughing, visiting, enjoying ...

But we couldn't skip a muffin tin, could we now?

So we put a bunch of all those Christmas goodies to work for lunch today,
and came up with:

Licorice Caramel, Cheese and Crackers, Red Jell-O, Christmas Cookies!
Peas, Stuffing, Orange Slices, Cheese and Crackers!
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Red Jell-O, Peas and Orange Slices!

This was sort of a peace offering to my kids after slave-driving them ALL DAY (and we're still going) so that all the housework is done for the week. They should appreciate being able to rest and play for the rest of their vacation, but, not quite yet ... back to work!

See more festive muffin tin meals at
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Merry Christmas to All!


Sherry said...

Love your tin, its very festive! And no you mustn't skip a MTM :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Love your tin! I am glad you didn't skip this week.

Shauna said...

How fun! Hope you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas! ♥ HUGS ♥

Susana said...

I had to laugh when I saw your pretzel things. We made those this afternoon and already ate the whole pan tonight during FHE!!

Cute tin too!!

Michelle said...

Love the use of holiday food! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

Great tin! Everything looks so yummy!

Becca Jane said...

Wow, such a great idea! I found your blog through Somewhat Simple. Fun to find new bloggy friends!!