Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Spotlight

If there is one thing I am THRILLED to have not passed on to my children,
it would be a fear of the spotlight!

It took me YEARS to overcome that, and even still, it lingers.

I'll just say that when I was a kid, there's NO WAY I could have done what my kids are doing ...

And I am so happy for them!

Here are some of the fun performances we have had this Christmas ...

The girls doing the hula at our church Christmas Party:

The Boy HAMMING it up at his Preschool Program:

(I'm pretty sure he pulled out his imaginary gun and scope for this ... oh dear)

(I better warn his Kindergarten teacher for next year ... we have a Class Clown on our hands!)

Thing 1 taking on a duet part at her Christmas concert:
(in front of a gymnasium full of onlookers)

The Girls doing the traditional Santa Lucia with their cousins:

I am so excited to see their confidence and poise developing -
I hope they won't ever become too timid to share their beautiful talents with the world.

So far we are off to a great start!

And this is the best gift I could receive as their mommy.


Katie Pettey said...

Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing. My kids think Jesse shooting is hilarious! Merry Christmas!

Scott and Sara said...

All of your kids are amazingly talented. How do you do it??? I love watching all of them sing in Primary!