Monday, December 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday -


This Muffin Tin lunch is a bit of celebration of the New Year.
We just threw together some of the holiday goodies sitting around our home:

petit fours, Wisconsin sausage and cheese, Hot Cocoa
carrots, veggie chips, and frozen blueberries

Then I topped it off with a marshmallow (for the cocoa) spelling of the new year!

The kids got it immediately.

the best part about today's Muffin Tin Lunch ...

still being in our pajamas!

So, are you ready for a new year?
Crazy to think it's already here (well practically). 
We're not really ready, but plenty excited,
as 2010 holds some huge milestones for our family:

a baptism for Thing 2
a class reunion for me
Kindergarten for The Boy
an entrance into double digits for Thing 1
perhaps (with some divine intervention) The King will be potty-trained
and for Bert ... a subtle change in his church responsibilities and, perhaps,
 a few other things we are hoping/praying for ...

Mostly, we hope it to be a year of peace and growth for everyone.

Happy 2010 to you all!

p.s. Our muffin tins came in handy this past week when we decorated a gingerbread (monster) house. I was able to fill the tin with candy we had stashed away since Halloween - for this purpose, of course.

Anyhow, next year I hope to do this again, just (perhaps) using an actual template for the walls, roof and chimney of the house.
Ha ha ... live and learn.

The King couldn't keep his hands off the house ... if you can tell, it is almost half his size!
HA - seriously, if you know of any great resources for gingerbread house templates, send them my way!

Celebrate the New Year some more with


Scott and Sara said...

That is one awesome gingerbread mansion!!! I love it!

Jamie said...

Wow! That gingerbread house is AWESOME! I need to remember to save some Halloween candy next year for our gingerbread house.

Great tin, too. I love snack food.

Tinkr said...

Fantastic gingerbread house!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I like how you did 2010 in marshmallows! Your house was great!

BranFlakes said...

We had our muffing tin in our pjs today too!

I am NOT ready for 2010... 2009 just flew by for me!

Lara said...

You are always so creative with your tins.

Sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead of you. :)

Happy New Year!

Susana said...

Awesome Muffin Tin and gingerbread house!!

2009 went so fast and was such an awesome year of memories for our family I am sad to see it go, but very, very excited to make new memories in 2010.

You have much to look forward to in '10! I pray you get all you are in need of and that 2010 blesses you just as 2009 has!