Monday, January 18, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - TX, ID, VT, WA, FL

Our Muffin Tin Lunch turned into dinner ...
 just one of those busy days!

Since we didn't really have a theme for today, I decided to use all of the non-theme days we have for a little study of the states (to go along with the 50 State Postcard Swap).  I thought it would be good if we put up a big map and started learning about all these places that the cards will be coming from, and a muffin tin meal would be a great way to add to our studies.

So, tonight we had a breakfast-for-dinner meal.

That made it REALLY easy to highlight these particular 5 states:

Texas - Texas Toast (French Toast)
Vermont - Maple Syrup (okay, okay - it wasn't REAL maple syrup - I cannot tell a lie)
Florida - Orange Juice
Idaho - Hash Browned Potatoes
Washington - Apples

We talked about these five states during dinner, including capitols, crops, populations, bodies of water, climate, etc. Then, after dinner, we pointed everything out on the big map ... that will soon be surrounded by postcards!

Yes, we are getting excited!

And, they are still a few states short for the postcard swap, so if you are from:

 Delaware   or   West Virginia
and you are interested in participating, go HERE and let them know!!!

AND check out more Muffin Tins at


Sheri Wojtasek said...

Wow I didn't realize Thing 2's hair was so long! Beautiful!!!

Susana said...

I LOVE this!! I hope to do a fifty states study next year and can't wait!!

LOVE how you did this tin, great idea, yummy too:-).

Kristie Clower said...

I love how you tied your postcard swap with MTM. Way too make learning fun (& delicious.)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great tie in! Nice tin.

w said...

oh yes. this was a great idea. but it'd require me to study up on the states myself. and well. i'm so lazy. but i totally love the concept!

BranFlakes said...

Oh I really want to do that postcard swap!

Hen Jen said...

that looks like such fun, what a great idea!

Lara said...

I missed where you posted about your postcard swap, but I LOVE the idea! I am totally going to try to do it with my kids. I admire how much you actually do. I struggle with these kinds of things.

I'm sorry I'm in Michigan, or I'd help you out!

The Loosle's said...

You are so good. I wish you lived at our house and could teach us all these things. You are so creative and when Campbell get bigger I am stealing your ideas!

Deb F said...

You know Barclay and his family live in Vermont! Connect through Facebook I bet he would love to participate.