Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Awww Shucks ...

I am always a little tentative about posting awards ... I hate to "toot" my own horn and I never do all the required passing along because I just never know who to pick because I enjoy keeping up with so many great blogs.

HOWEVER ... more than all those little insecurities, I love to give a little thank you shout out to the giver of the award. It is so kind and thoughtful and I think those traits need to be recognized as often as possible!!!

So Leslie - thank you so much for passing this on:

And if you have a minute - go check out Leslie's Blog - it's lovely - and she is a very, very nice person!

Have a beautiful day!


Scott and Sara said...

Are the hats your kids are wearing up top ones that Tracey made?? They are all so cute!

abbey bernardi said...

love your blog, i think the king and bayley look alike still. hopefully coming to utah in the spring, miss you all. xoxo