Friday, March 19, 2010


you hurt!

I guess that's just how it is,
you can't avoid it,
it's just part of life,
your heart just breaks.

you cry,
you reason with yourself,
you cry some more,
you make lists in your head of things that don't hurt,
but then you go back to the things that hurt,
and you cry again!

but then,

then, you start to believe that things aren't so bad,
and even though you are still a little teary,
you remind yourself that you promised God you were going to love EVERYONE,
no    matter    what!
you promised you would love them,
even if they didn't love you back,
and then it happens,
just like that,
and it hurts!

so, you wonder if this is a test,

you are actually really certain this is a test!

you want to yell at this test and tell it to go jump in a lake!
and then you cry again,
(you are human after all)

but now, the tears don't stick around very long,
they actually dry up pretty fast,
 and you start to think of the people that do love you,
there's a bunch, you know!

you also know this is just a minor blip in the course of your life,
a mere second in time,
you're grateful for how much the good outweighs the sad,
and you're also thankful for the beautiful white clouds in the sky today,
the ones that lightened your heart just by seeing them,
and you're grateful for the kind message sent your way from someone least expected,
and you are thankful for your husband,
and children,
and parents!

and you are thankful that you feel,
even if sometimes you feel pain.

so, even though you know that it will happen again,
and you will hurt again,
{because you aren't going to give up,
not on yourself,
not on God,
not on anyone,}
you     keep    on      loving

And you don't give up because,
you know where to turn for peace,
and for love,
and you do,
and you find it,
every    time!


Jenny said...

I really enjoyed this post. It really touched my heart after a long hard week at work. Where I began to question everything I was doing. I am better now!

Julie W said...

I am so sad because you are sad.
We really hope your kids can come play tomorrow...

The Gosfam said...

I am REALLY hurting right now, and it is unfortunate, but thanks for this. Made my day, and I hope you are doing well too.

Katie Pettey said...

How did you know I needed this right now? As always, THANK YOU for sharing.

Momza said...

This is a healing truth...this post of yours.
Perfect message for me today.
Thank you very very much.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is one of my posts of the week.

Lara said...

Amen! Such a beautiful truth, and necessary for our growth. I love the way you put this.