Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I Love Wednesday - Jim and Karyn

I like to just follow my heart when on Wednesday (when I do these posts). And today my heart is with Jim and Karyn. Jim is Bert's dad and Karyn is Jim's lovely wife. They are my in-laws and our kids' Grandparents and, well, about a hundred other peoples' aunt/uncle/cousin ... etc.

What I am trying to say is that they are BIG into family and consequently, have BIG families ... thus making them related and special to A LOT of people.

I happen to be one of those people.

You see, Jim (Bert's dad) comes from a big Swedish line that has kept the ties strong and are often having reunions and gatherings. He and Bert's mom had 10 kids in their family. Then, after divorce, Jim married Karyn, who had 6 kids of her own, and who also comes from a big, close family. So, family is pretty much their life blood - it's everything about them. They are so proud of and thrilled with their relations and (this is what just boggles my mind) ... they are fantastically energized by all of these relations. Seriously ... 16 kids (many with spouses and children) to invite to family gatherings is not for the timid ... and they take it on like it's just any other gathering or function.

That's what family is to them.

Oh, and there are many other lovable and amazing things about these two.

Jim is a hard-working, patriotic, devoted kind of a man. He taught me a TON about doing taxes and I love that I can do them for our family and feel secure in knowing that I am doing them really well. I love that we can call Jim on a Thursday night, in the middle of some crazy project (like putting in a ceiling in a hallway) and he'll be right over. I love that he sings loud and strong.  I love that he takes Halloween seriously. Anyone who can show up to your house, unannounced, in full-on werewolf make-up and attire and scare the heejeebies out of your kids totally gets how that holiday is meant to be!!!!!! I love that he survived a life-threatening accident, and has the dimples in his temples to prove it. I loved driving around Idaho Falls with hand-held radios while Jim showed us all the important sites of his youth. I love his kind and generous ways - as we are the recipients of so much of this. I loved passing his name on to The Boy ... even if it made for a questionable combination ... couldn't care less - it was important to us to pass that on and I am so glad we did. (now let's just pray for The Boy)  ;)

And now, on to that fun-loving lady Karyn. Karyn was right there when Bert and I were getting together for real (after our on and off ... mostly off ... 6 years of knowing each other). So, she claims some ownership in our happy union. She is also a hard-worker. While Jim was off to the bank, she is taking care of the home ... which means mowing and edging a HUGE lawn on a consistent basis. And all this when she isn't busy working as a nurse. She has some great war stories that she is always willing to share from nursing and we love to hear all the excitement. She has been on multiple Operation Smile trips and the stories from those experiences are life-changing. I also love that she is a great cook and willing to share that talent with us ... there is always an extra plate at their table and an open fridge for anyone to peruse!!! ;)

Together, they are even more lovable ... they love to gather, their family, their friends, their neighbors. They love to travel, they've been all over and have even more places to go. They love to laugh and share stories and listen to yours. Their lives are hectic and crazy and always on the go, but that's how they like it. So, even though we don't get to see them very often, it's good to know we always have a happy, welcoming place to stop in and visit.

We are grateful for the love Jim and Karyn have shown to us and to so many others. We are blessed to have them in our lives.

We love you Jim and Karyn!!!


Doran & Jody said...

What a great tribute and a great family! That would be so fun to gather with this big of family!!

The Loosle's said...

I love Wednesdays... you always have something lovely to read on you blog... I am going to kind of copy you. I need to be ore grateful...I hope that is OK.

Katie Pettey said...

Thanks for reminding me how lucky we are! They are great!