Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Week's Worth of Wisdom

This past week has been a bit hectic, crazy, silly and just plain FULL.

Thankfully, from all of the happenings and hijincks, I can draw some wisdom. And what's better, I can share that wisdom here.

So, here is what I learned this past week:

Fried Pickles are NOT a family favorite.

Getting a photograph of two dogs together is practically impossible, that is what photoshop is for.

My girls REALLY want another pet (not gonna happen, but cute, just the same).

The Luke Skywalker Lego Spaceship takes over an hour to build.

Do not attempt to finish what the can opener started!

Consequently, the instacare can do stitches, is open until 9 pm and is much less $$$ than the ER.

Oh, you wanted to see the actual stitches? Okay then, here you go:

Oh, and stitches do not mend an injured ego.

And, new can openers are very affordable.

You knew this already, but obviously forgot ... Do not cut your baby's hair ... PERIOD!

The Boy, however, can totally rock the buzz cut.

And remember, keep the vacuum handy when buzzing, it makes clean-up a breeze!

My husband can take apart and successfully reassemble a Maytag Dryer.

And completely unrelated ... my husband might be awesome, but he is also old! Look what I came across in his belongings ... it's something he kept from his childhood:
(yes, that says, "Good for ONE FREE RIDE on any LIVE DINOSAUR")


The Gosfam said...

I have always wanted to try fried pickles hmmmmm? Stinks the can won, and I NEVER touch my kids hair :)

Jenny said...

Fried Pickles, never heard of them. Sound interesting. Sorry about your hand. Did you get a new can opener?

Chanelle said...

What a busy week! But, it sure made for a great post! :)

Tia Langston said...

Busy week! Sorry about the stitches...no fun. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming update on my blog. Insta-care sent us away to the ER...and on to a hand surgeon. Exciting!

Doran & Jody said...

LOL Good things to find out.
I thought I was married to an oldie, but you got me beat.

Amy said...

One of my favorite past times used to be teasing Brady how much older he was than me...I just didn't realize HOW MUCH older he really was. He has maintained pretty well.