Monday, April 26, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - NV, TN, OH, NJ, UT

We covered a lot of territory with this one ...

Let's start with the garden salad to celebrate the Garden State ... New Jersey
Then, there's the infamous Green Jello ... Utah
(fyi: it was an official olympic pin when Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Games)
And then baked BBQ Ribs ... Tennessee
A pair of gummi dice (from our recent trip to Las Vegas) ... Nevada
and we finished up with some Buck Eyes for, of course ... Ohio

I was looking for a little souvenir to bring to the kids and found these dice.

They were the perfect addition to our state muffin tins! Yay - so easy!!! And, then the ribs were actually leftover from one of our big meals at a casino, there really was enough food to feed Bert and I and our entire family twice! WOW! Some of the kids loved the ribs, so it was worth the effort packing them home!

And finally,

 those buck eyes were DELISH ... if you haven't ever made them, they are pretty easy. I made them with a friend from Ohio once, years (and years) ago, so I was excited to try them again. I followed this recipe and it worked like a charm (only, I added a little butter to the chocolate chips, better for dipping in my book).

And just because I know you care, here is a peek at the green jello olympic pin:

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Deb F said...

When did you guys have ribs?? Lucky. Great trip, talk to you later.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I thought the dice were for NJ. What a fun tin!

Susana said...

Jenny, your tins always put a smile on my face! You are so fun and so creative!

Susana said...

Oh, I totally adopted your Song of the Day idea:-), it is such fun to do!