Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vegas in 24 Hours

Or ... The Nerd's Guide to Las Vegas!

I'm pretty sure Bert won't appreciate me referring to ourselves as nerds, but what can you do, truth is truth! We went down for a quick little vacay and found out that even if you don't drink and don't gamble there is still plenty to do in Vegas. Like eat, shop and rock out to Carlos Santana!

And there were a few other things I would have liked to have done had we had another 24 hours (like stopping by a chapel of love with our two little love birds, meeting up with my old college friend and stopping by the Retro Bakery for a pink lemonade cupcake). Some other time, I guess!

Back to our fun now!

We started out at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

with some fantastic seats for a fantastic show

and a great deal of enthusiasm

to share an evening with the legendary Carlos Santana!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes, multiple exclamation marks were necessary)

We were pretty close to him

and had no need for the big screens provided (insert happy little squeal of delight here)!

He totally rocked!

His band totally rocked!

His show was spectacular ... but we were in Vegas, after all!

And the cute lil' lovebirds had a great time, as well!

At the end of the concert, Carlos sent us off with a little bit of his light and love
 ... and a reminder that Happiness is a Choice!

The Hard Rock was a fun hotel ... after dining on all you can eat prime rib (smothered in horse radish and sour cream - new to me - LOVE IT) we just walked around looking at all the memorabilia.

Billy Idol's Suit                                             Autographed photos of The Clash

Jimi Hendrix's green floral jacket              and I just want this carpet for my hall!

And our room was SUPER comfy ... with Hendrix on the wall, too - very, very cool!

The next morning we headed out for breakfast ... check out the size of that omelet!!!

Then it was off to play for a few hours before we were on our way again.

So, we enjoyed the sunshine,

tried to make a few plans,

looked up at the blue skies, palm trees and airplanes,

met Tommy Anthony, who plays guitar and sings in Santana's Band,

and then shared a ride to "The Strip" with Tommy Anthony! (Scott's new BFF)

We took in a little window shopping ... I fell in love with these Peanuts inspired pieces.

We wandered around, stopping and looking at whatever was interesting ... like this really cute couple!!!
(wink wink)

And, of course, we made it to the Bellagio fountains, but I already talked about that!

Definitely a great show!

And inside the Bellagio was just as spectacular.
There was an indoor display made of spring flowers that just put me right in my happy place.

There were all sorts of critters, like this frog,

and this snail,

and this cute ladybug!

And then there were the hyacinths ... oh my ... I just LOVE these flowers!

And Gerbera Daisies

and Poppies!!!!

But this part was just fantastic ...

So, there you have it ... the official Nerd's Guide to Vegas, proving anyone can have fun in Vegas!
(sounds like a pretty good slogan ... okay - maybe not!)

And after that trip, my new motto is: Fun is as Fun does!!! (thanks Forrest Gump)
(And Deb ... I obviously stole some of your photos - thanks for posting them on FB!!!!)


Doran & Jody said...

Looks like you had a great time in "SIN" city. If you get around the 'handouts' on the streets, the shops are pretty neat. I love the M&M's Store and we love the King Arthur's Tournament.

Jessica and Tim said...

Umm..I'm pretty sure that nerds cannot party as hard as you guys did. I officially unclassify you as nerds and nominate you for the coolest people ever group.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. I would love it if you would join my new community on BlogFrog called Mom Loop. Here is the link: http://theblogfrog.com/1362952

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! We have Santana on our wedding video, love it! What a good time, good for you guys! And just for the record, nerds are the coolest!

Katie Pettey said...

What a fun trip and what a great way to celebrate! Your pictures are beautiful!