Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Fever ...


Thing 2 has been out of school ALLLLLLL week due to a fever.
Nothing else, just a fever.

She hasn't had a sick day all year at school, and now she is on day 4!

It broke once ... hoping it will break for good today.

(she's looking a little fiestier today ... don't you think?)

But since she is such a good sister and can't keep things to herself,
she has company today:

The only problem is that when this girl does fevers, she goes all out.

This morning ... 104!!!!

We'll be going to the doctor today.

And speaking of today:

The good news is that we haven't been missing out on too much fun!


Lara said...

Oh this post makes me sad!

I hate it when the kids are sick, and I also hate it when snow is covering my beautiful tulips!

Hope all is better soon!

Jenny said...

Hope they are better. Did you ever figure out what they had?