Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Love Wednesday ... Palm Trees!

I don't know what exactly it is ...
Perhaps it is just that every time I am around palm trees I am on vacation, but I love these trees.
Just seeing one makes my heart a little lighter, a little happier, a little more free.
There's almost something medicinal in just being near one.
And yes, if I am near one, I am usually on vacation - which in itself is always great.
But, being near one, I can feel a change take place in my soul.
I really wish I could explain it.

One example that comes to mind is a time on my mission when I served in an area with LOTS of palm trees, really ... LOTS.

(that's even what the city is known for... the world capitol of palm trees - seriously)

(I can't even tell you how many times I've crossed that bridge - - - happy, thoughtful sigh)

I was there for three months and it was the most difficult work I ever had on my mission. However, it was never the most difficult time. And I wonder if the palm trees made a difference. Because, I can tell you that there were some difficult times on the mission, heart-breaking and frustrating times. But Elche only holds a sweet, happy place in my heart.

(in fact, if the planets ever aligned in such a way that we could live in Spain for a time, Elche would be my Number ONE pick)

 And just for the record, I never really thought much about palm trees until last November when we took a quick little jaunt to Southern Utah. As we were walking to breakfast, I remember just stopping to look at a palm tree I was passing by. I took in a deep breath and felt stress and anxiety just empty out of me. It looked like the happiest little tree in the world, and it shared some of that happiness with me. And then I made Bert listen to me for the next 10 minutes while I went on and on and on about the medicinal value of that plant. He's a good man to put up with me!

(I am considering changing my blog to "Crazy lady who talks to trees and birds")

Anyhow, crazy as it is, I am so grateful for these trees and the healing they provide.

I think I need to go see some ... wouldn't that be nice!


Jamie said...

I love palm trees, too. Great pictures! We got really when we moved to San Diego a couple months ago (in military housing) I have the BEST view from my living room window. There is a beautiful park right across the street with many beautiful trees including palm trees. It's gorgeous.

K said...

It really does invoke feelings of warmth. I too have many happy memories where palm trees exist. I don't think you're weird at all, of course you are my friend so, I don't know if my opinion is much of a consolation to you:)

Jenny said...

I miss the palm trees of southern California. I had a few in my front yard when I was growing up, that I never really thought about until I moved to Utah.