Monday, June 14, 2010

Jenny and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Muffin Tin Lunch

It was just one of those mornings ...

The King woke up early and NEEDED to be held for the next THREE hours,

The milk in the fridge went prematurely SOUR (ick),

I had a pounding headache!

And I am just getting over a stomach ache, so eggs just didn't sound appetizing!!!

With my mental capacities deteriorating rapidly, I loaded the kids up in the car (good distraction for the The King) and we ran over to Carl's Jr. for some million calorie breakfast biscuits. I ordered a couple of strawberry ones, too, just for fun. We had to wait a minute for the strawberry ones. Finally we were on our way back home. We arrived, got unloaded, set the kids up to enjoy their breakfast at the picnic table outside (it is a beautiful morning ... and by then it was 10am ... morning was quickly passing) and guess what ... NO BREAKFAST BISCUITS!!!! BOOOOO!!!! Just the darn strawberry ones (that weren't very good, by the way). So, I looked up the phone number to Carl's Jr. in the phone book, since they don't print that on their receipts, and let the manager know that I needed him to come up with a solution to this problem that involved ANYTHING BUT me loading the kids in the car again and driving back to get my biscuits!!! He came up with the solution of just refunding the entire amount (since I paid with a VISA check card - whew). Anyhow, we ate the strawberry biscuits, drank some Tang and got ready for the day.

Finally, I powered up enough to go to the grocery store where I learned that this is what you end up having for lunch when you go to the store frustrated, hungry and tired:

I can't say that the kids were disappointed, either, in fact ... THEY LOVED IT!

Basically, even though I was having an annoying morning, I didn't need to drag my kids into it!

Anyhow, if you go to Muffin Tin Mom, you will see much more healthy lunch ideas!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I think they enjoyed their treats!

JDaniel4's Mom said...
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The Gosfam said...

What a lunch--at least they were happy :) I hate when fast food restaurants mess up your orders.

Chanelle said...

Hey, their tummies are full, right?
And you have the four food groups:

Protien ~ eggs in the ding dong
fruit & veggies ~ fruit snacks and potatoes
grain ~ ding dong and cearal
dairy ~ milk

So I don't think it is that bad! I might just go have me a lunch like that too! YUM, sugar!

Karlyn said...

Um...I LOVE this lunch, and it's totally okay! It can't be perfectly healthy every time! In fact this is what my kidlets lunch looks like most of the time.

Doran & Jody said...

LOL. Looks like my kind of lunch!

Melissa said...

LOL! Hugs to you, mama! Sounds like a really sucky day, but all your kids will remember is that they had the BEST LUNCH EVER that day! LOL!

Dang, it's been a long loooooong time since I've had a ding-dong. Oh, yum. :)

~LKB said...

Sorry you had such a rough day. Nothing wrong with having a bit of a treat once in a while for lunch. We have an annual ice cream supper! LOL You're lunch actually makes me hungry for some goodies I haven't had in ages!

Shannon said...

Pretty sure my two would love a lunch like this. Assuming Mommy didn't hide the dingdongs first. ;o)

Jenny said...

My kiddo's would love this! Sorry you had such a rough day. But glad you survived long enough to blog about it. Hope you get some you time soon!

K said...

Oh my, you are human after all! I was beginning to wonder:) Sorry about the headache. I can empathize completely since I suffer from migraines at least once a week. Moms- we've got to keep on truckin' no matter what.

My Family My Forever said...

Jenny, I love this, well I don't love that you had a bad morning, but this post is great, and the lunch is awesome:-)!!

It's nice to know someone else has a day like this sometimes too:-).