Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T"Hair" it Goes!!!

My beautiful, sweet girls have been working on a little project.

It has taken them quite some time, a lot of patience, and some time consuming (and sometimes painful)  maintenance.

But here they are, ready to give it all away!

Say goodbye to those long pony tails.

Good news, they were thrilled to get it done. They had been growing their hair until it was long enough to donate. The day arrived, and then due to all the crazy stuff that's been going on lately, the day was postponed over and over and over again.

Finally, we got to our Hair Expert and had her work her magic.

Here she is harvesting Thing 2's ponytail.

And here she is applying a few finishing touches:

And then Thing 1 got in the chair:

And, to get that hairline just right, Thing 1 needed a little buzzing:

It looks like their work paid off:

2 long beautiful ponytails to send off to a great organization.

And two beautiful little girls, pleased as punch with their sassy new do's!

(And, just for the record, I got a hair cut that day also, but my photos weren't nearly as cute - and I didn't have enough to donate - so I will be left out of this post!!!)

The best part, they are already planning on growing it out again ... I love them!!!


Jen said...

how sweet! and love their new doos.

Amber said...

Wow, their hair was long! They have got to be the sweetest 'things' out there! They both look adorable with their new looks.
p.s. it's so good to see thing 2 is back to her old self again and feeling better, yay!

K said...

This is the greatest thing! It is a win, win situation for those giving and receiving. Their hair cuts are positively adorable (as I'm sure yours is as well). Perfect for summer and back to school.

The Gosfam said...

That is so great!! They look so cute.

Tracey said...

I saw them at church and thought they looked just darling!!!

Jenny said...

That is so sweet of your girls to do this. I have niece who suffers from a hair loss condition. When she was a young girl she was blessed with a wig made out of donated hair.

Doran & Jody said...

Great job girls!!
What a great service.
I love your new do's!

Amy said...

That is so cool. I have not been to the hair expert in awhile...she looks good dark! I am sure your hair looks fab too!