Friday, March 4, 2011

Phase 1 ... DONE!

A few years ago we started the process of braces on this sweet,  young, unassuming darling.
It wasn't for her teeth, but for her underbite ... which I was encouraged to do something about as it would only get worse and more expensive to correct with time.

So,we did it, we bit the bullet and said goodbye to this beautiful, sweet underbiting smile.

We started by knocking out some of her chompers ... poor thing!

Once the new teeth grew in, the orthodontist went to work and created this masterpiece:

And here's that thing she had to sleep with for months:

Anyhow, months and months and months later, she went to her regular appointment and got the good news that she only had 5 weeks left!

We did the happy dance ... even if she looks a little sober in this shot.

So, the day arrived and the orthodontist went to work:

And here she is with her new smile, taking a little break before we start Phase 2.

Brilliant - eh?

What a beautiful, tolerant, sweet, obedient girl.
I just love her to pieces!!!


Tracey said...

What a TROOPER!! She is so cute:)

Jenny said...

Her smile looks wonderful.

Amber said...

What a great smile! I love that girl of yours. She is beautiful and every time we watch Matilda (one of our faves) we think of her. They look alike, don't you think? :)

cheraf said...

She is so cute!!!

Kimberlee said...

Owie...what a tough little thing. And her smile does look great.