Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Refinishing Furniture Takes TIME!!!

Holy Cow ...

Last Friday I started refinishing a little bedside table and a rolling bookshelf ... sheeeeese ... that takes time. But, it looks pretty, and since I got the bedside table for FREE and the rolling cart was just a few dollars from the thrift store, I guess it was worth the work of refinishing. And I haven't done anything else since then except

remove hardware and doors
sand, clean, prime,
          sand, clean, paint,
                    sand, clean, paint,
                              sand, clean, paint,
                                         sand, clean, topcoat,
                                                   sand, clean, topcoat,
                                                              sand, clean, topcoat
                                                                        reassemble (with new hardware)
                                                                                  let cure for 2 days before moving it!!!

And yes, my boy wore the same outfit to school two days in a row, but they wear uniforms there, so hopefully nobody noticed!

But I think it was worth the effort ... I am turning my girls' room into a big girl room. It was a very necessary move ... moving up into more stylish, more glammy, more blingy ... and more responsible stuff. Anyhow, I just gotta finish the curtains and a cushion for the rolling cart thing. But it is looking good and they are very happy, and piles of little girl things are leaving my home by the boxfull.

And I am going to have to STOP referring to them as "The Squirrels" because after what I found in and under their beds today ... my goodness - talking about living up to a name!

Anyhow - can't wait to post more about their lovely new surroundings, but I want to finish it all the way. So, for now, I'll show off the cabinet that took me several days to beautify! And it was worth it!

(can't put things on top of the table for 28 more days -  ha ha ha)

Anyhow, there is a little glimpse of the new bedding, too. It's turquoise and I love it! Now to figure out the curtains, here's to projects - eh?


JDaniel4's Mom said...

It won't stay clear at my house.

Jenny said...

Very nice work! I have some pieces that I want be working on but the cold weather, lack of space to work in has me putting it off until spring. When I can park the cars in the drive way. Did you lacquer it by chance?