Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look Who's THREE!!!

What a FUN day - the Boy woke up happy and excited - he knew it was his birthday. He snuggled in bed with Mommy until she could wake up and then the festivities began!

We spent the day taking care of school things for his sisters and you can tell that wasn't particularly exciting for him!!! (Although he did like the part where we made his birthday cake - just like he wanted.)

That afternoon we Skype'd Aunt Debbie in Australia. We have had to work on him all day to accept the fact that he is now 3 (he keeps saying that he's 2 - except for the few times that he actually claimed to be 5 and even 7).

Aunt Debbie's birthday is the day after the Boy's, however, since she is in Australia, we were able to celebrate both birthdays at the same time. She is showing Jesse how old she is ... yep, that's a 4 and a 0! Happy Birthday Debbie!

He was really excited about his presents, which included a Superman Fishing Rod...

Lightning McQueen shoes, he keeps running around in them saying, "Kachow", he also got some summer clothes, some fun farm animals, a dinosaur coloring book and a game that uses his own electric drill.

For fun we went to Kangaroo Zoo and he really took to the batting game - he's a natural - look out T-ball!

Here he is running through one of the toys - it took him a little while to warm up to the idea.

But once he was going, we couldn't get him to stop - they only way we got him home was to mention the cake!

So, we got home and you can tell he is excited to sing Happy Birthday and eat his cake. He kept blowing out the candles while we were singing - he finally gets the idea of Birthdays!

Candles are out and now it is time to eat - everyone picks their favorite color and we gobble them up!

A day like that makes for one messy boy, so we got everyone bathed and in pj's and then watched our taped version of American Idol (since it was the last night of the competition). Then we all rolled over into our beds, exhausted from a fun, fantastic birthday for our big, 3-year-old BOY!!! We love you buddy!


Chanelle said...

Happy Birthday Boy! You sure are getting big! Thanks for sharing the day with us! :)

Kirsten, Mike & The Boys said...

Hey there Jenny- Linsey gave me your blog address- hope you don't mind. So cute! And Happy Birthday to The Boy!

Kirsten, Mike & The Boys said...

Oh and the cake is adorable!!

Jenny in Utah said...

Thanks Kirsten - the cake was just the one pictured on the back of the cake mix box - that's what he wanted! So you are part of a cooking blog? Fun! Hope your little guy is going great!

linsey said...

oh how fun and cute!
is there a kangaroo zoo there? we have one here and i was sad about leaving it since we have yet to experience it, but if there is one there that will make me so happy!

Anonymous said...

Wow I got tired just reading about Jesse's birthday. Being pregnant with a toddler is crazy! He's so big and adoreable. I'm glad I can check out your blog now. I love the family pictures too there so cute! I love the cake you made also you are amazing. Every cake I make always turns out slanted to one side. Bryce tells me it reminds him of the cake in sleeping beauty. He he he.

cheraf said...

Happy Birthday to Jesse! It looks like you all had fun. I can't wait to show the boys all these pictures tomorrow - they love seeing their friends on the computer. I also love the cake you made. I'm in there with Brittany - my cakes are usually a little funny looking. That's why we splurged on a Baskin Robbins cake this year.