Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The other day I was looking for a recipe for something (I don't even remember what it was anymore...) and I came across this soup that made my mouth water just looking at the picture. It is a Smoked Salmon Bisque - and just looking over the ingredients I quickly concluded:

1. This is good!

2. I probably can't screw this one up, looks easy enough.

3. I giggle to myself everytime I think of a bisque because of the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode, which I have included a clip here just for fun (it always makes me laugh):

So, I quickly purchased the ingredients I needed and just waited for a day when The King would let me set him down long enough to get cookin'.

Today was that day!
And it was a cool, rainy day - so perfect for soup.

I gathered all the ingredients and got to work, I was wearing my cute cherry apron, in case you were wondering. I chopped up the vegetables, sauteed them in the butter - we were off to a good start already - mmmmmmm. I navigated my way through the recipe quite easily and got to the last step (the optional last step - might I add). Out came the blender. In went the chunky soup. On went the lid. On went the blender. ALL OVER WENT THE SOUP! And do you know what it looked like splattered all over the counter? Vomit! If you ever need to make fake vomit - this is the way to go - partially blended smoked salmon bisque.

If it didn't smell so dang good I would have lost my cookies right then and there. But it did, it just smelled so good, so I went on. (After running my burned hand under cold tap water for a few seconds - I had to keep going). So I salvaged what I could off the counter and then added in what was still in the original pan and blended again. This time I held the lid down tight - that hot soup tried so hard to go all over the place, again. And my perseverence paid off - I ended up with the most delicious Smoked Salmon Bisque for dinner, and a burned hand, and a very messy kitchen -but the dog can start cleaning that up for me!

And look what we had for dinner:


Chanelle said...

LOL~ when Bridger saw this he asked "Is that puke?" So your description was perfect!

micki said...

oh wow. My pregnant self would have lost it smelling good or not LOL ps...found your blog through the apron swap

Tia Langston said...

I love how you always have your camera handy and ready to take pics of the good, the bad, and the vomit looking bisque!

Amber said...

MMM...soup is my favorite food (along with some warm homemade bread). I have to admit, though, seeing it spilled across the counter like that, not my favorite look. The finished product? Now that's pretty!

cheraf said...

I love soup! I'll have to get this recipe from you, and then I'll keep my camera at the ready! Who knows what could happen when making a good bisque. Did the kids like it?

Emilee said...

that is so least it turned out in the end.. looks yummy!