Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - MOM

I love my mom!

I don't think I am getting too old to say that, either!

What can you say to the person who has given and continues to give so much to you, someone whom you can never pay back, someone whose love for you is deeper than you can really understand (until you become a mother yourself)?

Well - I can attempt to list my favorite things about my mom here, and I will!

She got me here to this earth, safely!

She took good care of me to help me grow into an adult.

She loved to go to movies with me when I was younger.

She taught me all sorts of fun card games.

She taught me to love Heavenly Father and Jesus.

She gave me a wonderful family that I love so dearly.

She took good care of my sick father and our family, while working full time, for many years.

She got in water fights with us.

It was just she and I for a few years - and I didn't drive her too crazy.

She survived breast cancer!

She put together a beautiful wedding for Bert and I.

She really loves her grandkids.

She is easy to talk to.

She remarried a really nice man.

She is a good cook.

She is a hard worker and smart with her money.

She loves to scrapbook with me.

She has LOADS of organized Family History - and keeps going on it.

She can figure out how anyone is related to anyone else - go ahead and test her on this - she'll come up with something!

She and Jerry have served 4 missions together - WOW!

She is a great role model and a loving mother and still worries about her kids.

I love you mom - I think this list could go on and on and on and on!

Here's a post I did about my mom just after we had The King:

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Zombette said...

I sent you an email to your 'brady bunch' address...just in case you don't check there often.

Love ya!