Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Love Wednesday - No School

I LOVE it when we don't have school.
I am pretty sure I look forward to these holidays WAY more than my kids.

And what exactly do I love about the days off?

I love starting the day off with some tasty French Toast - at 9 am!

I love having time to give The Boy a much needed bath, when he actually needed it!

I love having the time to throw The King in there with him.

I love goofing around on our bed.

I love staying in PJ's later than we should.

I love finally having a little time to start working on my apron for the Sassy Apron Swap.

I love watching The Boy be his normal old goofball self - even when his sisters are around.

I love that my little darling Thing 1 had so much free time that she did this for me.

I love not having to lock up my funny, neurotic dog in his isolation chamber.

I love not having to smush The King into his teensie weensie car seat.

I love that I haven't slipped out of these sweet puppies all day, except for when I changed out of my PJ's and into my jeans, and I will not disclose when that happened. Although Julie knows more than any of you!
I love listening to the kids play all day.
I love having all of that fun energy under my roof all day.
I love being able to kiss their little cheeks whenever I feel like it.
I love vacations!


Ryan Patterson said...

You have truly got to be the cutest, greatest mom ever! I love ya!


Deb F said...

I think you need to plan one of these when I visit in March. Looks like a bit of fun!

Karlyn said...

oh my gosh! You are seriously such a good mom!

I hate to admit, that I dreaded today! I had to take the kidlets to work with ended up being fun!

BTW - LOVE the picture of your kids on the side bar. The boy looks so stinkin' cute with his little crew cut!

Chanelle said...

What a great post! Kung Fu Panda is one of the best kid shows I've seen in a long time. And I loved your censorship ~ hehe. It was just plain fun to see all those pictures!

Chanelle said...

OH, I was going to say~ I know the PJ thing! Since we homeschool we get to do it often :) LOVE IT!

Chanelle said...

OH ~ one more thing ;) Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!