Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Get Disowned from Your Family - Step 1

For those of you who are trying to get your family to kick you to the curb, but can't quite figure out how to do it, I am sure that following my example will be the ticket. I don't know what all the steps are yet, but I am pretty sure I took the first one this Thanksgiving.

It all started Wednesday evening, The Boy was watching a movie when suddenly all of the contents of his stomach were now all over the couch. It was pretty disgusting and disturbing, but we were able to get him calmed down and cleaned up well enough. Not long after, however, I started feeling that uneasy churning in my own stomach. I HOPED it was just my own queasiness from what I had just seen, but when it didn't go away, I knew what was coming. Sure enough I was right there with him, only my little illness held on for a few hours. And while I was up in the night taking care of my business, Thing 1 came running through the house with the same problem. It hit us all fast and furiously - and then it was over!

By morning the three of us were doing fairly well. We detoxed the best we could - hot showers, clean clothes, a million loads of laundry, clorox, lysol and a little windex where needed. I figured we were in good shape and could still attend the family Thanksgiving Dinner, so we headed over to the event.

Have you seen the movie "Stand By Me"? Even though it's been a while, there is one scene that is always fresh in my mind - the Barf-o-Rama! If you haven't seen it and are not a queasy person - I have included it below. For those of you a little more sensitive, just imagine a pie eating contest ending up with everyone, audience included, puking their entire gastrointestinal contents all over the place. Not pleasant! (a bit on the funny side in my sick little world)

So how do you think THAT would go over at a lovely, elegant Thanksgiving dinner?

Fortunately, THAT didn't happen, all was just as lovely as could be, evidenced in the following snapshots:

However, I have since come to the knowledge that many of them took to puking the next day.
Not just to purge themselves of overeating at a festive Thanksgiving gathering, but due to the gross, awful, icky, old stomach flu.
And who started all this?
We can never be sure, but I definitely feel a sense of guilt and/or responsibility. It was all very unintentional and innocent - really!!! - I had no great visions of turning Thanksgiving into a huge Barf-o-Rama!
But, what's done is done and I think I have taken the first step toward getting kicked out of the family. (for all I know this is actually my third or fourth or hundredth step)
Sorry everyone - hope ya'll are much better now!
And Thanks K for a very lovely Thanksgiving Dinner!


Julie said...

I hate the dilema of do we go or not? Are we sick or contagous? I never know what to do. At least you infected your family, not friends. Because friends would probably never call again...Family has to love you!
Glad you are feeling better!

Karlyn said...

Um, I knew I shouldn't have watched the clip! I started it....gagged, gagged again and went to pause it when Aaron held me down and made me watch the entire thing....all the while gagging.

I did a post once about Teague barfing, it's been about a year. It's one of my favorite posts.

Deb F said...

Sorry you were sick, but glad you shared the story!

linsey said...

jenny, you can never be disowned by us-we love you WAY too much! sickness happens-it's a part of life-and if you read my blog-you will see all the blessing caused by our sickness-so if you want to take credit for something-you can take credit for the blessing! it's good to be sick every once in awhile-especially BEFORE Christmas!
sorry jenny-you can never get rid of us-we really do love you way to much!