Monday, December 22, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday - Christmas Colors

Yesterday we had a big family dinner to go to. We had a few hours between church and the dinner and the kids were a little hungry - so we had a little snack more than a lunch, and I pulled out all the red and green I could easily find.

We had RED apples and RED jello, GREEN peas and a few GREEN candies (and a mint stick), and we had WHITE milk and WHITE popcorn.

This left plenty of room for yummy dinner we were off to - yay!

Michelle has all the Muffin Tin Lunches at

Her Cup Overfloweth!


Michelle Sybert said...

what a fabulous tin!

Abra said...

Hey! It's me, Piper's mom, and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely adorable your girls are, and even though Kim and I grew up together, if Piper weren't in it, I'd totally vote your girls - they are so stinking cute!
So I thought I'd throw that out there!
Merry Christmas and I love that muffin tin idea too!
You must be a totally amazing mom, because most of the times, I make my kid get their own snack so I totally think you're amazing!